Friday, April 23, 2021

Everyone Loves Gift Cards!

Of course, one can enclose a gift card in ANY handmade card and it will be awesome, but at Jingle Belles, we like to raise the bar a little bit more, so this fortnight we're making cards that have a purpose-built pocket or window that can contain a gift card; OR a specialty box or envelope intended for the same purpose. There are lots of dies and templates on the market, or you can decorate a store-bought item. Here's what I made:

I confess I incline to the "little box of some sort" school of thought when it comes to gift cards because it just looks so much more substantial. I saved and dissected a little pillowbox that came with skincare samples in it, traced the shape onto some pretty Ciao Bella patterned paper from Paper Anthology, then cut, scored, folded and embellished it.

I made a gift card folder to hold the actual g/c, sized to fit inside the pillow box, and decorated both items with diecuts, silk flowers, ribbon, jewel brads and a little bit of sparkly washi tape.

Be sure to visit Jingle Belles and see Stephanie's awesome project, then start planning what you will link up with us this fortnight!

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  1. Pretty pillow box, and great gift card holder. much easier challenge this time for me lol.


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