Saturday, April 4, 2020

Do You Have Tiny Trash?

I do! That's the thing about papercrafting, especially collage; you wind up with loads of itty bitty scraps of paper, the off-cuts of trimming cards, and literally elebenty million half-inch-square backers from foam tape that, even if the trash can is right next to you on the floor, they will manage to flutter away and land elsewhere. Why are we discussing this? Because the people at Lotsa Style have a Mini Countertop Wastebasket that's cleverly designed (and 100% customizable!) so you can have the trash receptacle right up on your worktable and it'll look so nice nobody will even notice! See?

Ok, that "See?" was a bit of a trick question because I'm secretly hoping you DON'T see anything that looks at all like a wastebasket, or at least not until I point it out. See?

They come in several sizes and colors, but mine is basic white and measures around 8.5 x 3.5 x 5.5" which is ideal for my space. It came with tiny plastic liner bags which I don't really need, but if I was using this, for say, kitchen scraps, they'd be perfect. 

I had a bunch of ideas for decorating this: Washi? Deco tape? Stickers? Appliques? The choices seemed endless; and there's a gallery on the Lotsa Style Website with some awesome versions! But since my first love is collage and my Art Lair is... ummmmm... "eclectic" lol... that's the way I went. I chose a nice wide vintage map of NYC and a bit of ledger paper for my background, so I could wrap the design alllllllll the way around. I added some pretty floral washi tape in coordinating colors on top and finally, the piece de resistance, some giant peonies from a falling-apart vintage garden book I rescued at an estate sale. 

There are lotsa fab products in the Lotsa Style Shop, I hope you'll hop over and check them out. If you choose a Mini Wastebasket, use the code LLAURENB30 to get 30% off! ♥


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