Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Here's a shocking true confession: I'm a bit of a coffee fiend. So when I saw this fun (and accurate!) sentiment on a t-shirt, I knew I had to pull out my Eyelet Outlet Coffee Brads and make a card.

I had originally planned to add some Donut Brads too, but in the end I settled for Coffee Beans on the card and Donut Washi Tape in the background. I printed the sentiment on a clear inkjet label using two free fonts: Bohemian Typewriter and Cafe Rojo.

And now who will join me in a cup of coffee?!


  1. I know what a day without coffee is......a headache. super cute card love those coffee brads they are so shiny.

  2. HA HA so funny, and cute of course.


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