Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year, New Journal

One of the joys of the new year for any stationery junkie is, of course, the pleasure of starting a Brand. New. Journal. This is the first year I'll be using a Traveler's Notebook, but as soon as I saw them at The Ink Pad I knew I was already hooked. The most difficult part may actually be deciding which variety you want!

I chose the Weekly Diary for working in 2020 and the Regular Size Refillable Binder since I'll be able to use it for a few years. But also... that plain kraft cover just screamed for me to customize it with my own vintage paper collage goodness. So I did.

Since I was having so much fun, I decided to go ahead and wrap some of the vintage paper goodness right around to the inside front cover. Since the Weekly is divided into two six-month segments (sold together) I customized the inner cover of my January-May volume, which seemed like a really good place for one of the exclusive Traveler's 2020 Stickers I got in October.

Finally, I was ready to start filling in my first few days with some very cool MT Clip Tape, assorted tiny stickers, a little bit of Karin Marker lettering and one of my favorite stamps of the moment: Lawn Fawn's Winter Narwhal. I tend to use my journal as a cross between an art journal and a scrapbook, so I generally record and save things I've already done, rather than add in future events like a regular calendar.

My other favorite new product right now are these beautiful Vintage Black and White Flower Stickers which are printed on semi-sheer vellum. I layered them right over my other collage elements and I love the result. Finally, I customized the vintage library card I'm using to designate the book for 2020. Next year, instead of re-doing the entire cover, I will just make a new card or tag to tuck into the pocket for 2021!

But that's an entire year away, so I think for now I will concentrate on documenting the adventures my Traveler's Notebook and I will have in 2020!

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