Wednesday, January 1, 2020

It's January First...

...and thus time to get going on those Xmas cards!!! Which sounds like a silly thing to say, unless you've ever made 50 or more holiday cards at the beginning (or middle?) of December. In which case, you may well have *VOWED* to never do it again and joined us at Jingle Belles to make one stress-free card per week from January through November. Thus saving the day and taking December back!

So without further ado, let's kick off our TENTH festive Jingle Belles season with a prompt we call, "No Time Like the Presents" for which we'd like to see cards which feature bits of gift wrap or tags that were too cool to throw away!

Here's my card:

My friend Barb sent me a very pretty present wrapped in beautiful matte giftwrap which had these snow-dusted evergreens on it, and the minute I saw it, I started figuring out how to get the paper off without tearing or wrinkling it! There was a pretty big crease at the left edge, which I decided to cover with collagey bits. These include a most serendipitous scrap from a French language children's book which says "The Christmas Tree"; some beautifully patina-ed sheet music and some of the amazing 1957 Christmas Seals my mom found at a thrift shop. The red glitter mat is another piece of careful unwrapping (by my niece Maddie); because knowing me pretty well, most of my family hold up their gifts before unwrapping and ask if I want the paper saved, lol!

Hop on over to Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's first inspiring card of 2020 and start planning what you will make! 


  1. beautiful card, great use of all the elements you "collected" I'm going to have to really dig deep for this one. It's not an easy one for me. (no giftwrap, no tags)

  2. Looking forward to another great Jingle Belles year. I opened a package at work and they laughed when I said the tag was going to be someone's Christmas card next year.

  3. what a beautiful card to start another fantastic year with jb :)
    always LOVE your cards......... especially when they show up in my mail box lol Happy New Year to you and your hubby!!!

  4. ps.......... love the new look of your blog :)


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