Thursday, August 2, 2018

the great 2018 ICAD wrap up

the index card a day project ALWAYS makes june and july fly by, but this year seemed to go especially fast! here are the last few cards, and at the end, my little handmade ICAD book as it appeared on day 1 and day 61!  

day 58: favorite color
if you asked me my favorite color every day for a month, you'd probably get 30 different answers. but... it must be said... i do love PINK! :)

day 59: staple
or in this case, staples, plural. fourteen, in fact. for my second-ever 14-staple collage!

day 60: mandala monday
if you really did ask me my favorite color every day for a month, there's a decent chance, on a couple of days, i'd say, "RAINBOW"!!!
(preferably a colorburst rainbow!)

day 61
one consistent thing in all of my years of ICAD, is that my day 61 is always a big THANK YOU to my art heroine, tammy garcia, for devising, hosting, inspiring, commenting, cheerleading and generally logisticizing (yes that is too a word) index card a day with unflagging enthusiasm every year. it's a HUGE undertaking, not to mention a huge gift to everyone who participates, for which i'm incredibly grateful!

ICAD book: day 1
slim and trim...

ICAD book: day 61
full of delicious memories and inspiration!

many thanks to everyone who has followed along/endured all of the index card art over the last two months. should you, for some bizarre reason (chronic insomnia??) need to see all my ICAD blog posts, click this tag. if you'd like to just see all the cards, they're in order on instagram, and are in their own album on facebook.


  1. Wow, colourful creation! Love everything you have done with the recipe cards! I have a whole box of them, so now have inspired me to do something with mine! Really do like this post!


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