Thursday, August 30, 2018

september/october classes

the new paper anthology newsletter is out, and *arguably* the most important date in it is the papercrafting garage sale on saturday, september 22nd. but also... there are some really great classes coming up, including these two that i'll be teaching:

Autumn Sunflower Decor Frame
We’ll construct this sturdy frame and decorative stand from diecut chipboard, then cover it in wood veneer and pretty paper. Then we’ll paper-piece a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to fill the frame, adding textural elements such as specialty paper leaves, burlap and straw. This would make an awesome gift …IF… you're willing to part with it?

 Strip Tease
I'll teach you three new ways to construct beautiful, unique, autumnal backgrounds using nothing but leftover strips of patterned paper and adhesive. Believe it or not, there’s hardly ANY measuring or precision involved, and the methods you learn can be taken home and used with any paper you’d like to finish up. (Warning: this technique is a bit addictive, students are advised not to schedule anything very important for the day after class! :)

just a reminder that paper anthology is located on route 46 in kenvil, morris county, nj (here's a map) and that complete information about store hours, the garage sale, class dates and times, etc is on the website!

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  1. Lauren, I'm so glad I've begun getting your posts via email. Your art is amazing! Those paper strip weave still my heart. And that framed d├ęcor just oozes Happy Fall Y'all. xoxoxo


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