Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fruit Rhymes With "CUTE"

A coincidence? Maybe not. Certainly our Eyelet Outlet Apple, Cherry and Banana Brads would seem to imply a connection. So I've made a trio of tags to celebrate!

Here's a shocking true confession: when I made these tags, I didn't realize that the Banana Brads had recently gone out of stock in the online store, so I apologize about that! On the other hand, it's great incentive to visit the Eyelet Outlet Booth at a CKC or Expo near your town. Since EO does 25-30 tradeshows per year, the odds are you'll find at least one within driving distance! The booth is a great place to find brand new items that aren't officially out yet, as well as older things with just a few left. There are also cards and samples galore, more bling that you can possibly imagine and tons of fab washi tape! Check our sidebar for this year's schedule.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that the Coloring Book Wide Flower Tape that's on all the cards is still very much available, as are many of the Skinny Tape accents and the adorable Cherry Brads!

And the Apple Brads are brand new from the Spring 2018 release. Don't you love that each packet has both pristine apples and super-cool cores? 

I hope you'll be inspired to "strive for five" servings of Fruit Brads per crafty day! ♥

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