Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cards That Feature... Cards?

By which I mean greeting cards that feature Eyelet Outlet Playing Card Brads. Like these that are on the EO Blog today:

As I was looking through my stash of EO goodies, I suddenly realized that I'd never made anything using these awesome Playing Card Brads that came out last fall. So clearly, it had to be done! I knew immediately that I wanted to use the cards all together, as if I was holding them in my hand. So I needed a tiny bit of "behind the scenes" magic. Instead of attaching each brad to the cards separately, I set them all onto a little scrap of cardstock, then cut off the excess cardstock. This way the whole hand of cards --a rather impressive royal straight-- can be moved around and added to the finished card wherever I want to put it!

For the first version I made a horizonal A2 card, and handcut the feature word, "wild" (using Impact font formatted slightly over two inches tall) in the sentiment "Go Wild on Your Birthday" from a stack composed of Heart Washi Tape and several black and white patterns of Skinny Tape, including Pawn Washi, to set off the colors in the Playing Card Brads.

For my second card, I used a similar arrangement of tapes and papers. This time I diecut the word "hand" and made the rest of the sentiment, "Let Me Know If You Need a Hand" using my trusty Dymo labelmaker. I went with a vertical A2 to fit the slightly smaller size of the letters.

Need a little extra inspiration with your papercrafting? Playing Card Brads are always ready to lend a hand!


  1. Awesome use of those card brads, very ingenious to attach them together to make a "hand".

  2. What a great card! Love the playing cards on there.

  3. Two wonderful cards again. Love your big word use and those cute brads just add the finishing touch. X

  4. As avid poker player I LOVE these cards. What fabulousness you have put together. Nice!


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