Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Banner Day

It's always a banner day when I get to make some "just because" cards with my Eyelet Outlet goodies!

One of my friends sent me a photo of some amazing stitched circle garland last week, and it made me start thinking about different types of bunting and banners... and the fact that they would probably look even cooler on cards... with some EO brads on them, o'course!

My first card features typical triangular pennant-shaped flags, which go really nicely with our Banner Brads. I made them by neatly applying several strips of Feather Washi on a piece of plain white cardstock... (I *love it* when tapes can be lined up horizontally to make a bigger pattern; it doesn't work on EVERY tape; but I can never resist testing each one to see if it will!) ...then trimming them down into neat triangles. By the way, the Banner Brads come in Brights and Pastels, but it turns out my favorite way to use them is to mix both sets and combine ALL the colors! :)

For my second card, I broke out some of my older, smaller punches to make shaped garlands I could adorn with Emotion Brads and with Hearts. I added the banners to both cards in the same way: I lightly tacked the paper shapes to the card panels with minimal adhesive, then sewed across all of the shapes to both fasten them. (At the same time this adds the detail of the string that holds the banners together.) Then I set the brads neatly in their places on top of the sewn banners. Finally, at the very end, I affixed the decorated panels to 6" square white cards, and sewed neatly around the edges. The last step is optional, of course, but it adds a little extra texture AND makes sure the panels stay really flat, without being able to see the reverse side of the brad inside the card.

I have a few more ideas for garlands... and new ways to use them... so this might be a bit of a "recurring feature" lol; stay tuned! ♥


  1. Awesome just because cards, love both of them, awesome use of the brads. Especially those emoticons.


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