Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bring on the Bling

I'm still mildly obsessed with all the beautiful glittery *BLING* options available in the Eyelet Outlet store! This time, I've combined some of my favorite shapes with stencils and blendy ink!

For my first card, I used a favorite stencil with a mixture of different sized Maltese crosses. I blended several shades of blue and purple ink, over some designer paper with a subtle "resist" pattern built into it. I added Purple Flower Jewels ringed with Clear Bling to the largest; Single Gems to the smallest, and a mix of Blue Pearls and a few Teardrop Jewels (coming soon the the shop!!!) to the rest.

This lacy, floral stencil was a bit of a challenge, because it wasn't quite large enough to cover the entire panel on the front of my A2 card. So I filled as much of the bottom of the card as I could cover; then moved the stencil up to the top... and covered the seam with Pink Foil Tape, Glitter Gold Washi and Long Bling Strips. I scattered a few more Flower Jewels over the design and added bits of a Champagne Bling Swirl that I had snipped apart to make it fit better!

A regular, geometric pattern is often less appealing to me, but as a base for bling, it turned out to be really fun. this time I created my own pattern around the inked diamonds, using Green Flower Jewels, Clear Oval Gems and snippets of a Green Pearl Strip.

I hope you'll be inspired to combine Eyelet Outlet Bling with some of your favorite stencils, I'd love to see what sorts of designs you can come up with!  

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  1. Wonderful, you sure are having fun with the bling, x

  2. Gorgeous job, your stenciling is fab. the bling really accents it.

  3. wow fabulous idea, these projects turned out beautifully.


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