Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

I never stop being amazed by the things that can inspire me. Eyelet Outlet Brads and Washi Tape are an endless source, obviously, but this week I found some cool new ways to use them, thanks to a $2 camera stamp from the bargain bin at a big box crafting store. The three cards I made are all on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today!

My first idea was to pair the camera with the Selfie Brad set. I love that the packets contain six smart phones and six "Selfie" badges, and that the phones come in a few different colors. Although obviously, my favorites are the pink ones, lol! That being the case, I paper pieced the camera stamp in some neutral grey papers with an accent of Skinny Stars Washi. I used a Pink Heart Enamel for the lens and a Pink Enamel Dot for the button, with a small clear gem as the flash.  

My next idea happened because when I made the "Beach" card a couple of weeks ago, I had a pineapple-- with adorable Sunglass Brad--  and a palm tree all ready to go, but wound up not needing them. Somehow they became the stars of their very own faux polaroid, with a sky made from Blue Dots Washi and torn Glitter Gold Tape as the sandy beach. Of course I needed a Sunshine Brad and I paper pieced another camera, this time using Skinny Green Stripe Washi with Yellow Enamel Heart and Dot accents

Faux polaroids are quite a favorite of mine, so my third card uses another one. The sentiment "Oh Snap" works really well for anything from a belated birthday to a get well card, so I kept the rest of the embellishments pretty simple so that it could be used for many different occasions. I used the leftover pieces from the first grey camera, but this time I used Red Enamels and Skinny Clouds Tape to accent the body. I "matted" the strip of camera-patterned paper with Glitter Silver tape, just to make it stand out a tiny bit more. I actually had the whole card put together when I spotted another pair of Sunglass Brads sitting on my work table, and I just couldn't resist adding them as well. 

The next time you have trouble choosing between more than one card idea, why not get out your Eyelet Outlet embellishments and make them all?! ♥


  1. Wonderful cards all with that happy holiday theme to them. X

  2. All are delightful but....ohemgee...that pineapple one is absolute genius. I completely love it!

  3. Ingenious ideas, You never disappoint me with awesome cards and fabulous designs. Love them all.


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