Saturday, June 10, 2017

week one is done!

week one of ICAD2017, that is. which you can read all about, via FAQs, completely optional prompt lists, etc at daisy yellow art! for the last couple of years, i've found that what works best for me --logistically-- is to post the cards on instagram each night as i make them, then do a round up here, like once a week. and it does seem like that is going to be true again this year. so here's the first installment, in blog form:

day 1: sunrise
i had two ideas for this: a pretty literal colorburst watercolor sunrise painting AND a sunrise-inspired mandala... so i combined them. the latter is on a clear tabbed index card divider... 

...which swings aside to reveal the former, on a white tabbed index card. 
best of both worlds!

day 2: lost and found
my philosophy is: when in doubt, do a one-staple collage, lol! ok, yes, i'm somewhat kidding, but since i tend to ICAD late at night, i do have certain "default settings" upon which i can fall back if i haven't come up with a specific idea during the day. one-staple collage is one of them. mandala-vaguely-incorporating-the-day's-theme is another. because with a daily art project, the one thing you can totally count on is that you will not have the same amount of time, energy and inspiration every single day. so rather than derail yourself with overwhelming expectations, make a list of inspirations as and when you think of them, then make it your goal to work on one idea each night. don't worry about finishing, or if it's any "good" at the end. the PROCESS is much much much more important than the OUTCOME!

day 3: vintage
a 1964 skoda on a random torn-and-stamped-over background. check!

day 4: lavender
another of my "stand-by" ideas is repetitive shapes. circles, squares, triangles, ogees. in a pattern, randomly layered, painted over and over, or stacked-and-stitched, as you see here. it is totally fine-- and really quite fun-- to revisit the same ideas over and over. i can assure you, you'll never make the same card twice.

day 5: kawaii
narwhals, narwhals... 
swimmin' in the ocean... 
causin' a commotion... 
cuz they are so awesome!
(the truly GREAT songs never die, do they?!)
(sorry about the earworm, lol, i've got it now too!)
day 6: detour
something you really really (REALLY!) cannot see from the pic is that this is bits of FIVE different maps, trimmed and glued together so neatly that you totally cannot remotely tell it is five different maps. sigh. having said that, this is an idea that has been swimming around in my brain for a while now and by virtue of this first (admittedly rather frustrating) experiment, i now have more practical ideas of how to tackle it. for one thing i'll remember not to start something really detailed at 10:45pm with a screaming headache. i also now know this is really a full-sized (12x12?) idea, so i won't try to squish it onto an index card. in many ways, altho this is the card i least LIKE... it's the one i learned the most from, which makes it (IMO) the most embodying of the true ICAD spirit!!!



  1. Such an amazing combination of Lauren-esque art ... not quite like making them on a bed in a NYC hotel room, but darn close.

  2. I always look forward to seeing your ICAD's, both here and on Instgram. I wish you could hear the wow's going off in my head like popcorn.

  3. These are amazing. Can't believe you pack so much ... Art... Color... Talent... onto an index card. Going to be playing with the repetitive shape idea tomorrow, thanks.
    Super thanks for the earworm < wry smile, verging on sarcastic>

  4. Awesome first round of ICADs!!! Your mind works in marvelous ways. Love them all.

  5. Like to see your ICADs. It's my first time with this challenge and I like it very much.

  6. Fantastic cards Lauren. I look forward to these posts...I think I need to check IG more.


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