Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Under the Strawberry Moon

This Friday, the ninth, will be the full moon for June of 2017, and thus it is known as the Strawberry Moon. On the Eyelet Outlet Blog today, I've mentioned that I'm planning to celebrate by eating as many delicious strawberries as possible... and of course... I've made a card! It features some beautiful Eyelet Outlet Strawberry Brads, and a few varieties of the gorgeous new Wide Washi Tape!

Have you seen the new tapes? They're at the top of the Washi section in the Eyelet Outlet store... the new ones all have an asterisk before their name, to make them easy to find. There are loads of styles, of course, but the ones that look like Watercolors are some of my favorites. I've mentioned before that I really love Wide Washi and Skinny Washi; when you mix them together with standard-width washi, it just makes any design more dynamic and interesting. But also --in the case of Butterfly Wide Washi and Flower Wide Washi --they are just so very beautiful! You probably know that my lovely design team sister Stephanie (and crafty BFF!) is known as the "Washi Queen" on the EO Blog, and the way she is always devising new ways to use her tapes inspires ALL of us in the DT to try to do the same.

In this case, I thought I'd choose to highlight just the pink sections of the Flower Tape design, so I cut those bits from the main roll of tape, measured and marked very lightly where I wanted them to go, then applied them in two neat rows, about half an inch apart, on my card's background panel. I trimmed the edges with Skinny Pastel Pink Tape for a more polished look. I added my focal point, the Paper Flower stacks with Strawberry Brad centers, then adhered a strip of Butterfly Washi to a scrap of white cardstock so that I could fussy-cut the pink butterflies and use them as stickers!

I hope you'll be inspired to find new ways of using your Eyelet Outlet Tapes! If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out Stephanie's amazing creations (don't miss the light switch covers!!!) Then scroll down and see what my Wednesday partner Carri has been up to! ♥


  1. OMG Lauren this is gorgeous! We love strawberries in this house too and my fav way is to crush a meringue shell (but not too small) in to a dish, pile on top a good few spoons of whipped fresh cream (not out of a can) and then load up with strawberries. Give it a naughty mix and there you have it Eton Mess 😋😋, it's to die for. Hope you enjoy the strawberry moon.
    Sue (now singing the song for the next hour or so ☺️)

  2. Beautiful, love that washi tape and the white flowers just make those strawberries pop. (I have to find a new strawberry farm this year)

  3. Beautiful and those strawberry flower centers are so eye catching. I have fresh jam in the fridge...I may need a pb and j after this!


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