Thursday, June 15, 2017

ICAD, u-cad, let's all CAD! :)

because index cards are ♥AWESOME♥ dontcha think? ok, sorry, that's a silly question, isn't it? here's another little clump of cards i added to my book this week:

 day 7: off prompt
this one's an "i was stumped" two-fer: couldn't think what to draw, so i went with "mandala"; couldn't decide on a color scheme, so i opted for "rainbow". if the default settings ain't broke, why would i fix them?! :)

day 8: paint chips
punched into hexie shapes. with teeny tiny dictionary illustrations on top.

day 9: ombre
i had this awesome idea about compiling a gradient composed of the different patinas of various bits of vintage paper. i may have very slightly underestimated A) how much range there is and B) how much vintage paper i own. so it wound up being made on three cards that i taped together, a fact which is hard to tell in this tiny montage. there's a bigger pic on instagram.
(on the other hand, i still love this idea and have plans to expand it at a more collage friendly size, that doesn't need eyelet outlet washi tape hinges in order to make it fold up into 3x5 card size!!!)

day 10: sunshine yellow
this collage was ENTIRELY yellow until the very very end when i added the b&w flower illustration, which you'd think would dilute the yellow-ness, but actually it intensifies it. ...interesting...

day 11: tetrahedron
don't bother googling, i'll tell you right now that a tetrahedron is also known as a triangular pyramid; it's officially described as a dimensional form whose four identical and equilateral triangular planes can be composed of four identical and equilateral triangles. i know that for a fact, because i had to look it up on wikipedia, too! and then, of course, i had to use my tiny sliver of new-found knowledge and prodigious non-engineering skills to build a 3D tetrahedron out of neon index cards. obviously. (fyi: in this very silly story you will seriously find EVERY SINGLE THING you need to know about me, lol! 
(PS: if you want to see this "in action" there's a flipagram on my IG page! bc if you spend time building a dimensional tetrahedron out of neon index cards, you probably wouldn't want to post JUST ONE photo of it!!!)

there's loads more info about the index card a day project at daisy yellow art, including links to the facebook and instagram populations. and no... it's NOT TOO LATE TO START if you want to! 


  1. Loved them all on IG, and it is so fun to see them together here in a grouping.

  2. Super job, love them, I keep writing my list but at the cottage I'm so limied with "tools" and I sure can't take that much with me (hubby complains there is no room for anything else in the truck)


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