Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What's Black and White and Glam All Over?

This trio of elegant cards that are perfect for Mother's Day, on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today, for one thing! Not to mention every single one of the beautiful Eyelet Outlet embellishments I've used to make them. Including what might possibly be my all time favorite tape: Black and White Flower Wide Washi.

Stealing a trick from my super-inspiring design team sister Stephanie Severin, I thought it might be fun to try the same tape on a couple of different backing papers, just to see how it changed the design. I knew it'd look great on white (it does!); I thought it'd be cool on grey (it is!); but it really didn't occur to me that you'd even be able to see it on black. Somewhat to my amazement, that's actually my favorite! The other thing I love about this beautiful wide washi is that it has a very long repeat... I managed to wrap it around all three of my five-inch central panels before I came back to the same section!

Having got such varied results with just one tape, I thought it would be fun to limit the rest of the ingredients on all three cards, to see how different I could make them. So I've got the same White Paper Flowers, the same shape of Swirl Bling (in Pearl Black, Clear and Pearl Silver) and I've even used very similar positioning. On the white card, I framed the Black and White Flower Tape with Music Note Washi, stamped one of my flower layers for contrast, and added Bumpy Heart Bling to the center.

On the black card, I let the tape stand alone, centered the flowers with a Heart Enamel, trimmed the panel with Black Pearl Bling Strips and made a skinny mat out of Glitter Black Washi Tape.

For the grey card, I sandwiched the Black and White Flower Tape between two strips of Skinny Pawn Washi and chose a Round Black Enamel Dot to match the Pearl Black Swirl.

I hope I've inspired you to try using the same ingredients as differently as possible! Meanwhile, Carri has something great to show you today, too... her post is directly below mine on the EO blog, so be sure to scroll down and check it out! ♥


  1. Love them all Lauren. I am a huge fan of monochromatic cards. Odd since I am a bright color gal.

  2. Gorgeous cards, awesome use of all those EO products.


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