Monday, May 22, 2017

minibook monday?!

if we are friends on facebook, you probably know that i generally like to start the week with "mandala monday". but having enjoyed a rather awesome art camp with the lovely linda brun last week, i have a few little books to post, so i'm gonna change things up! :)

linda discovered a fab place in nyc called "printed matter", which we thought was going to be a store full of art books, but it turned out to be EVEN COOLER than that!

it was not just full of art books, but full of artist books! some were traditional publications from small presses, some were self-published zines and some were limited edition, handmade treasures.

you may have already guessed that it was the latter category which i loved most, and could not wait to get home to try my hand at making!

this one has a new york theme, and was inspired by the work of misaki kawai, who incorporates a travel theme into many of her books, and does some really interesting folded pages.

it has a traditional stitched binding, though, being a bit lazy, i only made ONE signature and a folded cover, so it's a bit overstuffed. or rather, A LOT overstuffed. in fact, that crinkly seambinding tie is not just decorative... it's the only way the book stays closed, lol!

i am still clearly in a torn-and-layered paper phase, and i love the way the different sized and shaped pages have a collage-like effect, as they lay under, over, in front of, or behind the other pages.

the pages are a pretty random mix of vintage paper, gelliprints, colorburst experiments, photos, maps, train schedules, chopstick wrappers (!); i guess you could say there's a little bit of everything.

everything, that is... EXCEPT... a traditional narrative of any kind. which i suppose is something we generally expect to find in a book, lol. in fact, there aren't any words except the "found" ones in the various bits of text paper. i might add some later... or not... i suppose this is project is somewhere between a travel book and a collage? it's definitely a bit non-traditional, but i had a lot of fun making it, and i smile every time i see it. 

i'd love to stay and chat more, but i still have LOADS MORE book ideas that i can't wait to try out, so i will wish you the BEST MONDAY EVER and sign off for now, darlings! ♥♥♥


  1. Thank you for a fantastic week and art camp. Your books rock of course. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Sounds like you ladies had a rockin' time ... can't wait to see more art.


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