Monday, May 1, 2017

sketchbook catch-up: day two

i mentioned yesterday that i had somehow amassed my sketchbook goodness than i could comfortably fit into one post, so i split it into two. today is less collage-related, but the ones with titles were also made as part of rae missgman's "artmarks thirty day challenge" which has taken place on instagram during the month of april.

you'll have noticed that i often revisit certain ideas at intervals. this is one of those: layers of circles... punched or painted or handcut... layered neatly or wonkily... overlapping or lined up to make a pattern... i come back to circles over and over. i'd apologize, if i felt even a little bit sorry about that, lol.

when i'm stumped i will just tackle the prompt in a completely literal way. in this case that meant making strong vertical lines. i thought by the time i filled the page, i might have a really clever idea. i didn't, so i just filled the colorblocks with doodles.

this time the prompt dictated both the materials and the idea. i wanted to make textural spirals, out of paper. patterned paper was too bulky. plain tissue was a bit dull. then i found some cool patterend tissue... (in retrospect, i wish i hadn't added the stitching since it flattened the tissue a bit too much.)

i love colorburst and i love pens. some nights it's impossible to choose between them. seeing as i worked on this while re-watching the movie, "minions" i'm a bit surprised that there isn't more yellow... or bananas!

a colorburst blotting page that got turned into something a bit abstract, with pen doodles that somewhat tried find shapes inside the overlapping watercolor. 
(what can i say, they can't all be masterpieces, lol!)

for some reason, i rarely mix collage, paint and doodles. NO IDEA why not, and i sort of think that might change in future!!! 

i hope your monday will be as bright and cheerful as this colorburst mandala! 



  1. i love the dotted...reminds me of pac man... so maybe you were channeling another lil yellow being.

  2. Been watching these on Insta... you're an art -producing powerhouse!


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