Sunday, May 7, 2017

May/June Classes

It's always exciting when the new Class List goes up on the Paper Anthology website! I've got two fun and colorful classes this time, so if you're in or around Kenvil, NJ, come and play!!! ♥

Birds of a Feather

Using the new Fresh Florals Color Burst collection, Lauren will teach you her absolute *FAVORITE* ColorBurst trick: how to “smoosh” drops of pigmented water into colorful ink blots that resemble fluffy, adorable, slightly zany birds. We’ll add eyes and beaks (don’t worry… there’s a trick!) do a bit of squiggly outlining (the messier the better!) and then… get the flock out of here! 

Please note: You TRULY do not need any drawing talent whatsoever; you will be able to do this! The biggest danger is that your birds will be so cute, you won’t want to give the cards away! That and the diabolical bird puns Lauren will be making throughout the class, obviously. (We apologize in advance for that part.)

Rainbow Swatch Book

How many times have you bought the wrong color ink (or paint or marker) because you couldn’t remember which ones you have? OR (even worse!) used the wrong color on a project because the shade was actually quite a bit different on paper than it looked on the cap? Here’s the answer to the artsy girl’s prayer: one super-cute, colorful, handmade book with thirty 5×7″ plain pages; plenty of room to swatch every ink, paint and marker you own! What’s that? Your color collection just got bigger? This baby is bound with a single book ring… you can make it bigger, make it smaller, or completely re-arrange it any time you want to! Not to be pushy, but you *NEED* one of these! 

(Please note, during class we will be constructing and decorating the chipboard covers, cutting the pages, and assembling the book. Students will fill in and label their swatches at home, after class!)

Full details regarding dates offered, supplies and price can be found on the Class page at Paper Anthology!


  1. I want to come to your classes, so sad I'm miles/kms away and don't have a valid passport. Love those birds and would love to learn how to use my colorburst. As for the swatches, a big yes I have to take a scrap of cardstock and test every ink or marker. Awesome classes.

  2. Those birds look fun and fabulous...lucky class takers.


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