Monday, May 29, 2017

it's minibook monday again!

because YEAH, that's really gonna be a thing until i run out of minibooks and go back to mandala monday, lol!!! which at this point, will probably be next week, so not to worry if you're not really diggin' the little books so much. on the other hand, i really like making these and have loads more ideas, so they will likely make periodic comebacks! :)

this one is pretty random, so the only semi "theme" about it is that there's a lot of orange and yellow involved.

isn't this adhesive-backed fabric from michaels gorgeous? i think i already mentioned that i'm psyched that sticky fabric is making a comeback; i always loved that stuff! 
(even better news: in this incarnation, the adhesive actually WORKS... which in previous versions was not always the case, lol!)

lace paper also seems to be coming around again, too. it looks nice over top of random gelli prints, dontcha think?

chinese childrens books and bits of map are always a good idea, imo! 

i like being able to see various pages above, below, behind, and-- in the case of lace paper-- THROUGH other pages.

having pages of all different sizes also adds to the "collage" feeling.

i love it when i buy used books and magazines at garage sales and there are handwritten notes inside, i always save them. ♥♥♥ to the lady who neatly copied these instructions for crocheted granny squares!

i know some people don't like ex-library books because they have plastic covers, pockets and stamps; i, of course, actively seek them out!

and finally the obligatory gratuitous "open book" shot.

hope my US friends are having an awesome memorial day weekend, and that the rest of the world is having a pretty fine monday!


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