Sunday, April 30, 2017

it's the last day of april?

seriously? how exactly did that happen so quickly?! ok, nope, i have no idea either, but i've got lots of neglected sketchbook goodness to catch up on, so i'm going to split it over today and tomorrow. today is entirely collage-related, the ones with titles were made as part of rae missgman's "artmarks thirty day challenge" which has taken place on instagram during the month of april.

butterflies and torn layers of vintage paper are always a good idea. which is why i do it over and over. some day no doubt i will get bored of the effect. this was not that day.

sewing pattern ladies are an asset to any collage. fact. 

i have an instagram friend who takes amazing photographs of peeling poster walls. you know, the kind you find in cities? where layers and layers of old posters, flysheets, playbills, stickers, advertisements, etc, have just kind of built up over time and no one has even tried to remove the old ones before slapping up the next batch? they fascinate me every time, and whenever he's posted a particularly good one, i want to have another go at trying to make a collage that replicates the same aesthetic. this is my latest attempt.

...but then we're back to torn layers and vintage images!!! :)

some of my collages pretty much make themselves, almost entirely serendipitously. this one evolved after i saw (in a pile of miscellaneous collage fodder) the torn edges of the tree (from a national geographic magazine, i think) sticking out from under the edge of the digital frame that i had printed out onto an inkjet transparency. 
(this is definitely a concept i will be revisiting; i like the idea of frames not necessarily being able to contain/constrain a whole image...)

back to the torn layers of paper, lol! this time with diecut chipboard numerals below and punched gelli print butterflies above.


  1. Okay the butterfly spreadsheet is my favorite...reminds me of times I was reviewing financials and wished those numbers would just fly away!

  2. Are you framing all of these? ... they are amazing.

  3. Butterfly top one is my favorite. Cool story about your friend- great take on the picts he takes. All very fun to see.

  4. Everyone is stunning but most of all the last. I'm a sucker for butterfly's. Wonderful .

  5. All are fabulous, not sure I can pick one over the other but that "peeling billboard" one is awesome.

  6. I really dig all of these...


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