Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Alien Brads: Out of This World!

Absolutely all of Eyelet Outlet's new Spring brads are awesome, in my opinion, but none are more fun than the Alien Brads, which are both adorable and otherworldly... so clearly I had to use them on a couple of different cards, which are on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today!

Scientists have recently confirmed that there *IS* life on Mars, but alas, there are no bakeries. So it turns out most of the UFO's sighted on this planet involved Little Green Men who have not enjoyed cake in far too long! 

I was happy to build these guys an appropriately-sized chocolate cupcake, then frost it with the help of two different sized cloud punches. I added a couple of Star Brads to make them feel at home. And obviously no cupcake is complete without a Cherry Brad on top!

One of my favorite ways to add a funky sentiment is with my trusty old-school label maker. In this case, I trimmed the labels down a bit, and affixed them kind of randomly, to fit the fun vibe of the card. I used another Alien Brad and the same set of supplies to create a sentiment inside, as well!

I often use funny quotes as inspiration for a card design, and I wish I could remember which comedian said, some years ago, that Area 51 didn't particularly worry him, but the thought of 50 OTHER such places made him a bit anxious! I typed the sentiment on clear labels which I affixed to a cloudy sky over a bit of patterned paper desert. Then I filled in the scene with another adorable Martian and a funky space ship made from paper, Glitter Silver Washi Tape and tiny 1/16" Mini Gold Brads.

Meanwhile, here in this galaxy, you may have noticed that we now have even more fun for you here on the Eyelet Outlet Blog... some days there will be more than one post per day, which means lots of great ideas to make your cards and projects out of this world! If you hop over to see the aliens, be sure to scroll down and see what Designer Carri (aka A Busy Bee) has to show you today, as well! ♥


  1. Truly a fun card. Anything with an alien on it or in it makes me think of the movie Paul!


  2. Fabulous cards, great idea for the new alien brads and the washi tape too.

  3. Oh my gosh...too funny I love these lil green guys.


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