Sunday, March 26, 2017

sundays are for the birds

luckily they're hilarious color burst birds, so this sunday should be pretty awesome, actually.

on the other hand, the beginning of the work always seems to move at a snail's pace. which... depending on the snail, might still be too fast! 

whatever happens, let's make sure we take time to stop and paint the flowers, k? or in this case paint with color burst, embellish with gelato crayons and add pen doodles to the flowers:

we can't spend the entire day drawing, alas. so let's cut up paper scraps and arrange them into shapes! like circles...

...or squares? either way is far more fun than just cleaning them up, i assure you!

after all that exertion, let's stop and paint the flowers again, k?

i hope this beautiful sunday will bring your fair share of fun and treats! 


  1. Another wonderful color day here. Beautiful stuff.

  2. I agree, awesome projects and so colourful.

  3. Such fun projects. Love the bright vibrant colours.

  4. They're all very pretty, but I cannot take my eyes off the stitched squares with all the patterns of green! That's pure eye candy to me, and SO INCREDIBLY creative!


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