Thursday, March 16, 2017

round 'em up, head 'em out!

ok, so it turns out that at the beginning of march i wrote a post featuring my last few prompts for the very fun and inspiring daisy yellow wonder 31 event... and then apparently completely forgot to hit the "publish" button?? (how does one even DO THAT?!) well anyway, here they are now:

i knew i wanted to use a page from this cool book of latitude charts; i did not know that some of them had interesting compass illustrations with a literal horizon line!

ok, i know, this one is pretty non-fruit-looking, but there's a great reason for that: it's 'cause i just totally CHEATED for this one. in my defense, i only used shades of colorburst and gelato crayon that have fruit names...
(yes, that DOES TOO count!!!)

totally serendipitously, this was the prompt on a day i spent trying out ideas to combine gelato crayons and white embossing for an upcoming class...

i had the whole collage of cloud squares finished, when i thought to myself, "it just needs... something". so of course i added *FISH* 
(ok, no, i have no idea why either; let's just move along, k?)

president's day art camp
technically not a prompt, as such, this is just a collection of awesomeness made on a playdate with my niece maddie, nephew matthew, sister amie and neighbor shelby; based on this cool polka dot tutorial maddie found on pinterest! for the record, the only thing i love MORE than making art with the kids in my orbit is the fact that currently, at least half the time, it's their idea!!!

meanwhile, i've been playing along with kathy racoosin's latest 30 day coloring challenge, and assuming i remember to post it, i'll have a roundup of those pieces coming up over the weekend! :)


  1. Lucky me to follow you on Insta... I got to see these hot off the presses! But I myself am often amazed at my unpublished posts... it happens...

  2. Lots of colour, lots of "wishing Spring would get here" thoughts when I look at the batik one! Wonderful pieces.

  3. love love love your fruity pages.

  4. I love them all but Horizon is my fav. Fish? coulda been birds. Oh how different our minds work lol. All of them are awesome.


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