Monday, March 6, 2017

it's the first mandala monday of march...

...coincidentally a month in which the lovely kathy racoosin of the daily marker is hosting another 30 day coloring challenge. i've participated intermittently in a few of these --mostly via instagram-- and it's always fun to interact with the other participants and see the gorgeous things people post. every single time i say, "i'm going to use this month to practice my stamp+color skills, particularly blending and shading!" and then every single time i wind up just doing my ordinary sketchbook funkiness, but with markers or colorbursts added in. but not this time! i'm determined to do some real PRACTICE!

dina wakley "scribbley birds" colored with a base coat of tombow markers; shaded and blended with prismacolor pencils. 

lawn fawn "critters in the sea" colored with tombow markers and prismacolor pencils. 

gemstone mandala drawn by me, colored with a base coat of tombow markers, shaded and blended with prismacolor pencils. 

it's a bit of a funny time right now. my mom had (scheduled, fairly routine) back surgery last week, for which i cleared the decks and allowed extra time for commuting back and forth to help out. she's doing well, but there have been a few bumps in the road to recovery and instead of heading home last wednesday, she started an unscheduled week of inpatient rehab and physical therapy on friday. so i haven't been spending a huge amount of time online or on social media and i hope you'll bear with me for a bit longer! ♥


  1. So lovely! Wishing your mom a speedy recovery!

  2. Back surgery takes time to heal and I am sending healing light along the way. I like what you have done with Tombow markers and pencils. I do so love the birds! I really enjoy her things and videos on how to draw faces. She makes things fun and so much easier. Good work on the Mandela too.

  3. You're shading is looking wonderful. Wishing your mom the best. Slow and easy for the back we know.

  4. Great art!
    Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery.


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