Monday, March 13, 2017

How Many Bunnies...

...does it take to fill the Eyelet Outlet Blog? I confess that I don't know the answer; which is just as well, since however many we started with, there'd no doubt be more by the time we finished!

Then there's the question of which bunnies we'd choose, because of course the Eyelet Outlet Store has a few varieties: there are realistic looking Rabbit Brads, Pastel Rabbit Brads (both of which I've used on my cards) as well as adorable Chocolate Bunny Brads.

When it comes to tape, we've got the two I've used for my card backgrounds: Black and White Rabbit Washi and Colorful Rabbit Washi.

Not to mention cuuuute Bunny Washi and Easter Bunny Washi. I've used colorful Chevron Tape, as well, on both my cards.

I also love the Easter Bubble Brads and Spring Bubble Brads, to let my bunnies have their say.

But of course there's much more to Easter than bunnies: there are Egg Brads, Colored Egg Brads, Egg Quicklets, Oval Egg Bling, Oval Jewels, Cross Brads... well, let's just say I don't think you'll run out of choices any time soon, so head on over to the Eyelet Outlet Store and start planning your Easter cards right now!


  1. Fab cards, those brads are so adorable, love the chocolate ones.

  2. Love both cards, fab use of all the brads and washi tape. Awesomely colourful too.

  3. These are such fun eye-catching spring cards! Eyelet Outlet is lucky to have you as a spokesperson! (Love that black and white bunny tape!)


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