Wednesday, June 8, 2016

summer ♥love♥

hi guys, it's my day on the eyelet outlet blog again, and i'm in full-on summer crafting mode! when i was a kid, the big treat in the summer was to go "down the shore"... which is new jersey speak for a trip to the beach, no matter what geographical direction you headed to get there. i still love the sand, the surf, the sunshine, and heck, even the seagulls*! luckily, eyelet outlet has brads that satisfy all of my summery needs.

i've used Tall Palm Tree Brads, Eye Glass Brads (backed with a scrap of charcoal paper to make them sunglasses), Spring Bubble Brads, Seagull Brads, Sun and Cloud Brads, and a single Heart Brad to capture everything i loved --and still love-- about those days!

these days i spend more of my summer in the garden than at the beach, but that is equally fun!

i don't grow roses, but i might, if they were as lovely as this vintage applique, and attracted wildlife as beautiful as these Butterfly Brads. one of my favorite things about these guys is that they come twelve to a packet, in six colors; half of which face left and half of which face right! (a boon to my OCD lifestyle, lol!) i've also added a few strips of Glitter Washi Tape in Copper for a bit of glamour!

what's your favorite thing about summer and how could you use it as inspiration for your next card or project? check out the Eyelet Outlet Blog every day for a different designer's perspective, not to mention LOTS of amazing inspiration! ♥

*i'm not sure about the rest of the country, but in big shore towns like atlantic city, the seagulls are both smart and aggressive. (some say factions of them are also mafia-connected, but i believe that to be an exaggeration.) anyway, to illustrate the smart part, for example, they *know* which stores on the boardwalk sell french fries, and they will hover around outside, waiting for a customer to emerge from such a store with a big cone of fries, SWARM HIM** in an attempt to make him drop the fries; at which point it's lunchtime, baby!!!

**i SWEAR i am not makin' this up!!! (no srsly, this is absolutely true!)


  1. Wow! Fabulous card and tag! What a great use of the brads...awesome...

  2. such Wow! Way fun!
    Wow, you have incorporated those brads into your card beautifully. I am in love with your mini polaroids!
    Shanna :)

  3. I love looking at your cards and the things you say. Today I found out we have lots in common. I am from Southern NJ and get the shore thing. Was a little surprised you " even liked the seagulls" lol. Never heard about the A. C. gulls/mafia thing but really funny. I also have OCD. Lol.

  4. you always find the most fun brads to play with. Love.

  5. Both are fantastic but I absolutely adore the first one! Loving that scene you created!

  6. Oh, I know it about the gulls...
    See, you pulled me in with your stories!
    I came to chat about your craftiness! You be da bomb, and I love both of these projects. Does your creativity never end. (rhetorical... no question mark because apparently it does not.)


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