Sunday, June 26, 2016

and now for something completely different...

more ICAD, woohoo! sorry if this is boring for non-participants, but in june and july most of my "free" crafting time is spent on index cards: thinking up what to do, doing it, posting it, looking at others' work, etc... 'tis the season; the ICAD season, darlings!

cards 19a + 19b: snowflake
round or square subjects are always a bit dicey in the 3x5 format of an index card, so i'm not sure HOW it's taken me this many years to realize i could spread the design over two cards?!??! 

card 20: the sixties
peace, love and music, pretty much sums it up, right? 

card 21: invent a prompt
i chose "aloha" because... well, because i'm *ME* lol! :)
card 22: neon
gelly roll pens on black paper are just sooooo dreamy, am i right?

card 23: winter
a very abstract collage featuring torn and layered vintage paper with a few swipes of the luscious golden acrylics i treated myself to using a serendipitous one-day coupon...

card 24: magenta
magenta and mandalas... perfect together! ♥

card 25: song
i chose "box of rain" the only grateful dead song i really *LOVE*; i was test-driving a couple of new pens, with sort of mixed results, but ICAD is definitely a time to try new things and experiment!!!

meanwhile, sunday is an excellent time to hang out with family and friends, also to do fun creative things... and i hope you're doing just that this lovely sunday! ♥♥♥


  1. I love seeing your icad creations, they are awesome. have a fabby weekend.

  2. Box of Rain is one of my favorite songs in the universe, Lauren!

  3. I love seeing your icad creations, they are awesome, especially your mandelas.

  4. Lovely index cards - you have a great handwriting & fun style. My personal fave is the magenta mandala, it's magnificent!


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