Sunday, June 5, 2016

i came, i saw, ICAD! ♥

yes, it's that time of year, the time of infinite possibilities, artsy essperiments, and the headlong pursuit of crazy ideas! ok yes, i know, i do most of those things ALL THE TIME, but now it's early june and i'm immersed in the index card a day project, at the daisy yellow art blog, for my fifth year! wahey! let the tiny, funky, art-ification begin! (this year i'm going to be reposting the square format instagram pics i post daily from my phone, rather than re-taking rectangular pics b/c i just don't have time to do that job twice!)

card 1: mixtape prompt
a sort of mission statement/forecast of what i might want to concentrate on this year, it also brought back many fond memories of the homemade tapes full of favorite songs which filled my teenage years!

card 2: pyramid prompt
i started out by wondering what kind of pyramid i should do: the egyptian kind, the one at the louvre, the pink floyd prism/rainbow thingie? and the answer was, "YES!" lol.
(the day after i finished this, my niece maddie** texted hers which was a hand drawn pyramid of OREOS! idea envy! idea envy!!!!!!)

card 3: off prompt
it was day 3 and i still hadn't drawn a mandala or done any hand lettering. which clearly was a big problem!!! :)

card 4: typewriter prompt
of course as soon as you say, "typewriter" i think, "rainbow"!!!
(ok, no, i have no idea how i got from one to the other, but i did and i like it so that's just how it is.)

need more ICAD info? here's the FAQ; here's the first week of prompts; here's the second week of prompts; here's the facebook group (it's a "private" group in order to keep spam and off-topic posts at bay, but if you ask to be included they'll say yes!) here's my fave instagram hashtag #icad2016. okey doke, i think that's about it, but if you have questions feel free to ask in the comments or email me via the link in my profile, i'll help if i can. a few quickies i can answer right off:

NO, you don't have to use the prompts at all, much less in order. 

NO, you don't have to do every day and OF COURSE you won't have "wrecked" it if you miss a day!!! 

NO, you don't need to be able to draw or paint or have "art experience"; you can make collages, print out photos, write haiku or poetry, doodle, stamp, color or... well, basically you can embark on any art form, any way you want to, any day! 

there's only one real "rule" of icad, and that is YES, you must use cheap, crappy index cards* like they sell in the grocery store or at the office supply store; NOT watercolor paper or bristol board cut to 3x5" because a huuuuuuuuuuge part of the point is that you're using something that's inexpensive and plentiful and trying to record ONE IDEA each day. these aren't supposed to be beautiful permanent pieces of art, they are more like kickstarts that reinforce a daily art practice! tammy garcia, founder of icad, has more to say about the ephemeral nature of these things in this post which i really like. the bottom line, though, as in any art pursuit: MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU, and you'll be much more likely to establish a fun and fulfilling habit, rather than being "stuck" in an overwhelming commitment! ♥♥♥

*they can be 3x5" or 4x6" or mini's; even rolodex cards are ok. don't like the lines? there are unlined and graphed ones. want something a little sturdier? use the oaktag divider thingies or the alphabet tabbed ones. wanna get funky? they make them in colors you know... just sayin'... ♥

**all four of my nieces are participating this year as time allows, and my mom has been chiming in, too. i'd LOVE to show them off, but there are multiple sets of parents with posting rules, and various comfort levels of sharing art, so we have a little direct-message group that's just for us. which... NO... it wasn't me who established it, it was one of the girls, and they're INTO it this year! i'm in heaven; i know that ppl talk about kids and technology and how it isolates them from "real life" and from family, but in my case i actually get MORE TIME to spend with them and we're making and talking about and thinking about and strategizing about ART... i think i'll just go knock wood and count my blessings and shut up right now, lol! ♥♥♥


  1. loved your explanation! Your pieces are so pretty too.

  2. Guess what I have index cards here at the lake,does it matter that they are pink? I might just give one a shot. Yours are fab. I don't have instagram so can't do that part.


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