Sunday, June 12, 2016

icad: week 2 (the saga continues)

what's that? you wish there were more blog posts full of index card art? well, by golly, i'm here for you! here's what's been happening in my personal version of the index card a day project:

card 5: clouds
the first thing that occurred to me is that A) clouds are fun to paint and B) i'm not the first one to think so. i can never see painted clouds without thinking of billy collin's poem "student of clouds" which is (loosely) about the 18thC english painter, john constable. i typed the first stanza of the poem on a separate index card, so it could live in my ICAD book with the clouds.

card 6: top ten
i thought this one was a "gimmee" b/c i immediately knew i wanted to do favorite books and i knew they'd be fun to paint and decorate. what i hadn't reckoned on is HOW HARD it'd be to only choose *10* and how resentful the other books would be upon discovering they were left out. i'm pretty sure middlemarch was glaring at me this morning, and if all of dickens' works ever organize themselves and work together, i'm toast.

card 7: off prompt
luckily i had used up the leftover colorburst from card 6 to add some swooshy, vaguely flower-shaped swirls to a second card, because this was the day i met up with my crafty bff stephanie in new york city, and by the time we got back to the hotel that evening, all i had energy for was a little outlining and shading.

card 8: island
for this day we were still in manhattan, which, is of course, AN ISLAND, so it was sort of a no-brainer. also, we'd been to the ink pad where i treated myself to a new michelle ward stencil which is an ink pad exclusive, so again, the choice was pretty simple.

card 9: compass
inspired by the cool buildings in the stencil above, i made a sort of mandala/compass thingie...

card 10: cobalt blue
by this time, we were back at my house and deeply immersed in a sort of mini art camp event that was ALL ABOUT monoprinting with gelli plates, so OF COURSE i had to use a bit of one for my card and another one as a backdrop!
(yes, i'll be blogging about this more thoroughly in future, meanwhile, there are a few pics on my fb page

card 11: baseball
ordinarily, this would've been my cue to go immediately waaaaaaaaay OFF PROMPT, but luckily stephanie suggested a mandala built around a baseball diamond, and once i got going i had a lot of fun with the idea!
(being born and raised in the philadelphia area, OF COURSE i had to go with phillies colors and logo... i may dislike baseball, but i'm a big fan of geographical loyalties, lol)

in case you're thinking to yourself, "gee, this whole ICAD lark does look kind of fun!" let me say that it's not too late to participate this year, and you don't need to catch up... just START and see where it takes you... ♥♥♥ 


  1. You make me laugh-- how did you know I was craving some online index cards with a side of art?! Dude, maybe I need to start... Happy Sunday!

  2. i love taking a look at what you create on those cards.

  3. All of these are AWESOME. what fabulous take on the prompts.


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