Sunday, May 8, 2016

totally collagical

so it turns out that last month i was so excited about "30 days of watercolour" i forgot entirely to post the collages i made for #SistersWithHeartInArt. duh, lauren! here they are, in reverse order, starting with the current prompt-- though actually, the themes never expire, you can do them in any order, or just pick and choose the ones that speak to you.
i'm back to my peeling poster wall collage idea; this is my third (i think) attempt and maybe my favorite, though i've actually had a lot of fun every single time! one of my IG friends suggested i try distressing the underlayers as well as the bits on top... not sure *how* i hadn't thought of that myself, but it was a lightbulb moment and i've used it here.

i was excited about this one even *before* i found the teeny tiny vintage illustration of an actual bird's nest. after that i was pretty much cackling with glee... :)


again i stress that the SWHIA prompts are meant to inspire, so you can take them in ANY direction you'd like; and for that matter, if you use them as a "starting point" from which your finished piece morphs away... nobody's going to disqualify you! sometimes i *am* very literal, though, so i made this into a limited supplies challenge, for which i chose: vintage paper, a circle punch, a circle stencil, glitter embossing paste, and my favorite pen.* 


this is one of my all time faves, i think. b/c yes, it's got lace, and pink, and flowers, and vintage paper and it's loose and messy but still a bit pretty and elegant. yep, i love how this came out, and i'm immodest enough to say so in so many words, lol. so there! ♥

*for the record, my favorite pen is a black, permanent ink faber-castell pitt artist pen with an XS/.1mm nib; which nobody is paying me to say, and alas, nobody is providing me with for free! yes, micron makes good ones, too; copic's outliners are great --and copic-proof, which is important if you use alcohol ink markers to color with! in fact, there are loads of good pens out there, and i think i had tried most of them, lol. i mention all of this because i encourage you to keep experimenting until you find YOUR pen... (and yes, you'll know when you do, lol!) really makes a difference! :)


  1. More please! Your collages are fab.

  2. These are wonderful! I love the first one, and the circles!

  3. I've said it many times before, your talent is endless and awesome. I want to be like you when I grow up. Fabulous projects, not even sure I can pick a favourite they are all gorgeous.

  4. that.
    Awesome projects...happy monday!

  5. wow, you have an incredible eye. Such fabulous art. Love your piecing and layering. It always looks like it belongs.

  6. the are fab!! i especially love 'nest' and 'lace'. Nest would make a very could boutonniere don't ya think? (def had to spell check that one. - also wish i had emojis sorted on the computer.very very dull without them). (((((-:

  7. You are one creative chick... Do you ever slow down? I'm so glad you share your work. I really love that peeled-poster-lookin' piece at the top. It reminds me if the awesome telephone poles in Berkeley with years of flyers and posters :-)


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