Saturday, May 28, 2016

best fishes to the dads and grads!

it's my day on the eyelet outlet blog again, where i'm posing a question to my fellow cardmakers: is it just me, or are "guy cards" harder to make than girl cards? i think they're harder... or at least... i don't seem to get as many lightbulb moments, so I'm always extra excited to find products that do half the work for me, like these completely awesome eyelet outlet fish brads!

seriously, cardmaking doesn't get much simpler than this, does it? i watercolored a bit of ocean, stocked it with fish brads, and stamped a sentiment. job done!

o'course, not everyone loves to paint (and if you aren't into it, don't worry... i'm probably obsessed enough for both of us!) in which case, another great way to construct a water scene is to just tear and layer a few paper scraps. then all you need are some more fish. in this case, some supercute trout and bass brads.

once again, I didn't need much else, so i stamped a sentiment and did a little bit of machine stitching before calling it a day. i made a tall card this time, which i always absolutely LOVE until i have to photograph and edit it, lol!

need more ideas for grads, dads and other lads? check out the "boy" and "sports" sections at eyelet outlet! you can thank me later, darlings! :)


  1. Love both cards but really love the tall one, what a fab job with brads. of course the stitching really sets them off too.

  2. How clever are you?! You're always so clever! These are awesome!

  3. These are seriously awesome!

  4. fantastic. yep guy cards are so hard...first there isn't much out there...and what if your guy is not a fisher or golfer...even less to choose from. These rock!

  5. Oh, so cute! Oh, ahem, I mean cool! I feel the same: male cards are harder. Examining this, maybe it's that men and women are wired differently, and women may be more likely to appreaciate creative gestures, while I find that I try to make male cards specific to the male (more fequently than specific female cards...) Did that make sense? IDK, but I do know that these fishy cards are very cool. Way to go.


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