Sunday, May 1, 2016

holy mackerel, it's MAY 1st!!!

which means that fox and hazel's "30 days of watercolour" is officially over; though of course you can still *DO* the prompts, and for that matter, she's doing a 31-day version for may! i'm forcing myself NOT TO JOIN IN, even though i had a blast in april. i need to do something besides watercolor at some point. (...also... ICAD2016 starts june 1st, lol!!!) :) :) :) here's the last few prompts and then, starting tomorrow, non-watercolory posts will predominate again, honest. well, mostly. probably. ♥

day 23: layers
i know, it's hard to SEE the layers here, but this is one of the slowest things i've ever painted b/c i actually waited for each layer of color to dry in between. UNHEARD OF PATIENCE in the laurniverse!!!

  day 24: motto
i chose a favorite quote from the 14th dalai lama, which i try to keep in the front of my mind; kindness *IS* always possible. it's sometimes easy/tempting to forget that... especially when driving in heavy traffic... 

day 25: ombre
i'ts an ombre hombre!!!!!!!!!!! geddit??!???!??!
(ok, yeah, sorry... i crack myself up, though, on a daily basis)

day 26: branches
the fastest dogwood blooms in the history of paint. i'm not in love with these, but seeing as they LOOK LIKE dogwood and were accomplished in about 10 minutes laaaaaaaaaaaate in the evening, i'm callin' it a win!

day 27: salt
i've yet to use the "salt-on-wet-watercolor" technique to my satisfaction, and i still haven't done it with this one, but it was fun!

day 28: indigo
at the end of this particular day, the only thing i wanted to do is paint something big and loose and smooshy where i didn't wait for the colors to dry... so i did... :)

day 29: drip
another common watercolor "thang" i've never really made work... until NOW! go, me!!!

day 30: galaxy
it turns out there's an actual technique and tutorials for painting galaxies... who knew??! as usual, i mostly winged it, but having read thru this article, i did nab the idea of adding INK to my wet watercolor to intensify the black areas. i used hickory smoke distress ink b/c it's what i had, and i needed to "encourage" it with my brush to have it blend in with the paint, but it worked really well i think. i added a big glittery "THANKS" to @foxandhazel for hostessing, to my fellow IG participants for their fun feedback and to you guys for following along and not rolling your eyes at me when i showed post after post of these things all month long!

thank you, darlings!!!


  1. ombre hombre - bwahahahahahahahaha! Fabulous makes!

  2. Wow. Where do I begin on these awesome watercolor art images? Kudos for the patience to paint a perfect lilly, a perfectly executed motto, and perfecting the rainbow drips and galaxy. Amazing.

  3. I enjoyed each and every one Lauren, you are one talented gal and your artistic ability never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing them and looking forward to ICAD now! Deb xo

  4. YOu make me itch to get my watercolors out! love these bits of fabulous art.


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