Tuesday, January 13, 2015

anybody for a quick round of hide and seek?

because "hide and seek" is the title of our challenge at shopping our stash this week, and the brief is to incorporate a hidden element, like a tag in a pocket, or a pull tab that reveals a message. alternately, you could build a design around a picture of someone playing hide and seek. i went with the first option.

except for the gorgeous kraft shipping tag from amy tsuruta, the scrap of creative imaginations graph paper on which i've used my quickutz butterfly die, and an EAD rub-on sentiment you'll see in the photo below, everything here is vintage goodness. there are some red stamps from stephanie, some doilies that i-- ahem-- "liberated" from a cupboard in my mother's dining room, bits of sheet music, scraps of a colorful tourist map of greece, chinese newspaper, part of a ledger page... a little bit of everything, really, just the way i like it! :)

of course the photographic catch-22 of such a challenge is that if you've done a good job hiding the hidden element, it's invisible in the picture. so let's consider this reveal a multi-photo story, ok? having seen the first pic, you may very well suspect that the tag with the butterfly is going to pull out of a pocket made by the layer of chinese newspaper. it does, as a matter of fact, so well spotted there!

for that matter, it can be taken all the way out of the pocket. one could even write a personal message on the back of the tag, which might be considered to constitute a second hidden element, i suppose. but since i haven't written anything there yet, i think it will just remain hidden for now.

something i'd never even attempt to hide is my admiration for the rest of our awesome SOS design team, and since they've all done an especially fabulous job of interpreting our challenge this week, i shall send you off to see them now! ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. Lauren, I love everything about this lovely card! The map and stamps are particularly eye-catching as is your butterfly! So much FUN vintage goodness! Don't you love how you can seem to get away with "liberating" things from Mom, lol! Gotta love them for accepting us for who we are eh?

  2. I'm still chuckling over your liberated doilies. :D That tag is sooo not obviously in a pocket. You have mad skills, Missy.

  3. Awesome card, that tag is so hidden in the card, wow all the different bits of things to make this are awesome. Wow so talented.

  4. I love the liberated doilies, I haven't found any of those yet in my mum's stash, but I have found some awesome vintage buttons!
    Love all the gorgeous elements on your project...the Chinese newspaper...how awesome is THAT?

  5. This is just so interesting! I love the eclectic mix of patterned papers and the paper tearing adds another level of interest. So much fun stuff to look at...there is definitely more hidden in this design than just your tag. Another clever design.

  6. This is sooooooo charming! I love it! Pink and green is one of my favorite color combos and all the lacy and flowery details just add up to one GREAT design!

  7. Chinese newspaper? A tourist map of Greece? Liberated doilies? Whoa!! This hidden tag creation is incredible! I keep going back to look at all the pics because I keep spotting more goodies on it! Major crafty eye candy - love it!

  8. Liberated doilies, lol! Love it. And this is purely collagey genius :)


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