Thursday, January 8, 2015

a brace of crocheted purses

if you've looked at my december daily posts, you've kinda seen this rainbow one already. i sent it as a little surprise to our nephew richard's adorable little step-daughter, naty, at christmas, because she had seen and admired the one i was making for niece lindsay in september. i *think* she miiiiiiiight even like to learn to crochet someday, which would be cool!

i made a slightly mini version of my favorite boutique bag pattern, but added in the rainbow ruffles idea from this cool change purse pattern that stephanie found for me!

i started this next one over the summer, for my sister, amie, who'd enthused quite a bit over madeline's, so i offered to come up with a slightly more grown-up version. after a bit of back and forth we decided on the boutique bag shape, but using this fun crocodile stitch instead of granny rows, and basic black instead of riotous color. the flower was an impulse buy at joann fabric, but it really adds to the design, i think. it's a pin, too, so i didn't even have to sew the thing on; gotta love that!

i adapted this pretty crocodile stitch boutique bag pattern to make it slightly larger, and in my version the croc-stitch is on both the front and back. (for those interested in the mechanics of such things*, i made the flat rectangular front and back pattern panels, sewed them together-- using single crochet along the bottom and mattress stitch at the sides-- then picked up along the top edge and single-crocheted the handle section in the round.)

at the moment i'm knee-deep in pinterest, etsy, and ravelry links, trying to decide what to make first for the grand-niece-to-be's big arrival in february. do you have a favorite pattern you love to knit or crochet for newborns? would you like to share it? 'cause i'm open to suggestions! :)

*since pretty much all of the yarn projects i make are gifts, and many of them are this type of "wing-it" combination of elements from more than one pattern, i use my blog as a record of what i've made and how i did it. because "finishing" (aka sewing all the bits together) is generally the hardest part of any yarncraft soiree... at least it is for me... and almost always takes me a few go's to get right! :0


  1. Wow, both are fabulous!!! the rainbow design is so fun and the hand bag for your sister is so chic and elegant! Love them both!
    I do not, but I remember admiring those stocking style caps that were way stylish a few years back (and maybe still are?) to take newborn photos with. Great for photos but also cute and functional. I always loved the ones done up in neutral tones, perfect for either gender and "goes" with anything. I do not have a pattern source, but I am sure there are lots around.
    Having stitching my friend!

  2. These are just fabulous! That flower is so perfect, you've gotta love that. For baby gifts I always stick with blankets, and almost always a striped zig-zag pattern. I spend HOURS at crochet pattern central:


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