Tuesday, December 16, 2014

*RED* alert!

ok, no, there isn't an emergency, unless you count the fact that christmas is only NINE DAYS AWAY!!! which is obviously not something that any of us around here are panicking about, no sirree bob. :) no, in this case, "red alert" is actually the title of this week's challenge at shopping our stash. or rather --in honor of the fact that we are approaching the big day-- this fortnight's challenge; and you'll no doubt have sussed that the brief is to make a project that features red fairly prominently. it doesn't have to be a holiday project; it doesn't even have to be ALL red; let's just say, we shouldn't have to look for the red. does that make sense? awesome. here's mine. i'm sure you'll be shocked to discover... it's another december daily page!!! :)

bells cut from a vintage songbook; patterned paper: pebbles; transparency: teresa collins; journal card + diecuts on lower page: crate paper; florals: prima; brads: mme; tape: october afternoon, love my tapes, martha stewart; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape

something else that might not be surprising at this point, either: it's another double page... a solid base, over which the title and some journaling is "floated" using a transparency. i'm not sure why i'm making so many of these at the moment, but it works for me, so i'm just goin' with it, lol!

as you can see, i've got this year's xmas playlist on the bottom page, with a little collage of new + vintage items riding on the clear top sheet. something i was pretty excited to see on ali edwards' blog last week was a post where she talked about not worrying too much about which day things fell on; she has a certain amount of stories she wants to tell this month and when she can place things on the "correct" date that's awesome, but when there are multiple events for one day, she's happy to spread them out. i would go further and say if you have a little extra time over a weekend (like i did on sunday) why not crack on with some "dateless" topics (like a holiday playlist, or a little feature on xmas collections, or a pocket page to collect all your lists) and then spread them out into the following week, mixed with actual "events"? because let's face it, as much fun as this december daily lark is, doing a page per day can be daunting. wilna furstenburg had another idea for approaching this project that i absolutely ♥LOVE♥: she sets up a foundation for just 12 days... and then chooses which ones to document as the month unfolds! how brilliant is that?!

speaking of brilliant: why not head over to SOS and see what gorgeous inspirations the other DT darlings have made to spur you on for the next two weeks? ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. Your work is always so creative and this page is no exception. Nicely concieved and beautifully presented! Love it!
    Chana Malkah

  2. I do so admire your creativity and layers of layers!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh your December daily pages are ALL kinds of awesome! I wish I could do collage the way that you do...so fantastic!

  4. That's just awesome! THe playlist journaling is fabulous, and those poinsettias are drool-worthy!

  5. Oh, I just love how you did this AND included a playlist - fabulous!!!

  6. Brilliant idea to use a play list for a December Daily page! This is all kinds of awesome!


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