Tuesday, December 2, 2014

december daily kicks off... and free is (STILL) good!

when i was making this page last night it finally dawned on me why i've been so obsessed by the concept of december daily and/or keeping a pre-christmas journal the last couple of years: it's pretty much the grown-up papercrafting equivalent of an advent calendar, isn't it? with one fun, special, glitter-encrusted page to assemble and reveal each day. OF COURSE i want one!!! so here's page one:

base collage: torn scraps of doodlebug and best creation glitter paper, basic grey notebook printed paper, vintage sheet music and doilies; top layer: teresa collins transparency with a strip of hambly, mambi silver chipboard letters, basic grey old skool alphas, photo printed on kodak premium glossy paper

ok, yeah, there are A LOT of layers, and doilies feature prominently. remember all the crazy doily collages i made for ICAD over the summer? well, it turns out i was just warmin' up! :) in this case i had so much fun making the base that in the end i didn't want to cover it up too much, so i put my photo and lettering on a piece of transparency to float it over the background.

most years my first bit of xmas decor is a holiday plant of some sort, that i can buy just before thanksgiving without feeling like i'm jumping the gun. often it's a poinsettia from the grocery store. this year it's a christmas cactus from home depot, which obligingly began to bloom over the weekend.

the torn paper is pretty much all scraps: some glitter paper, some notebook paper, some vintage sheet music, doily bits, etc; roughly torn and stuck down (working from the bottom of the page to the top) then machine stitched. i find making this sort of collage almost hypnotic, which, i suppose, is why i do it so often.

in case you're wondering where "free is good" comes in, just a reminder that SOS179 is an extra long challenge, in honor of the thanksgiving holiday, so there's still a whole week in which to join in! this time, my free thing was a beautiful piece of white-on-white cardstock packaging that enclosed an older set of pink paislee mistable papers. i chose it because i *THOUGHT* some of the background was going to show in my collage. in the end, i covered the whole page, but free is still good, right?! :)


  1. Very pretty! That type of cactus is so neat. I did start a December daily by the way. I finished the front cover and page one which, funny you should mention it, is about our advent calendar for this year. One down, 24 more to go!

  2. New header - love it! I especially like the "do not use this beige sticker" you've used.

    I am soooo impressed you do these month-long things-a-day ... things. And you do them out of the park!

    And YAY for incorporating the current SOS FREE IS GOOD into your other projects!

  3. Now that you point it out, it's TOTALLY like an advent calendar! That collaged page...WOW :) I just love this!

  4. ermagerd, I was inspired by you in a timely fashion! I had to play :)

  5. Oh this is soooo much FUN!!! I love your front page! Can't wait to see the inside!!!
    P.s. Love your hubby's comment re: the tardis bathrobe...size doesn't matter bc its bigger on the inside, lol. Very insightful, lol!!!

  6. P.s. Such a fab new blog header.
    P.p.s i have two Christmas cacti but there flowers are bright pink. My Nana, who LOVED Christmas, had a huge one when i was a little girl. Everytime i look at mine i think of her. She was the best!!!

  7. Duh...their...not there. That is what i get from trying to leave comments from my phone!!


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