Thursday, December 4, 2014

dd02 & dd03

hooray, it's a december daily two-fer! by the way, have i mentioned in the last five minutes how much i love christmas decorations? and sparkly things, generally? and the fact that the christmas season gives one carte blanche to hang sparkly things all over the house?!?!! (woohoo!)

page built on the back of a cool green harlequin-patterned xmas card; american crafts green glitter thickers; dymo labels; paper accents glossy black cardstock and a peacock feather that fell off one of my mardi gras masks but was too pretty to throw away!

dd02: i ran in to michaels the other day in quest of one particular (not-at-all-xmassy) item, discovered that ALL the holiday decor was 50% off, and came home with quite a selection of peacock colored goodness! so now i'm even more excited to get our tree on saturday. if you know anyone at the weather channel, could you ask them not to let it rain torrentially until lunchtime or so, please? kthx.

patterned papers: studio calico, cosmo cricket and recollections; mambi dimensional tree sticker; sharpie marker and black ranger archival ink

dd03: you'll have sussed that i ♥LOVE♥ holiday decor, but you may not realize that i love pretty much ALL holiday decor. so if, for example, you're a major supermarket chain who decides to build a christmas-tree-shaped display of pellegrino (or motor oil... or spam...) i will support your efforts by grinning like a lunatic and blocking the aisle during prime shopping hours so that i can take a picture of it! :)

happy thursday, darlings!
hope you are having an awesome day!


  1. Great pages-- fun too!! I'm afraid mine aren't so splashy!

  2. Oooh, hope you're having fun decorating! I can just see you stopping traffic to get that shot of the Pellegrino tree - awesome! Love your dymo journalliing!

  3. Nothing better than a motor oil Christmas tree - except maybe your card! Fantastic!

  4. YOU are all this inspiration! I'm going to post my pages this weekend.

  5. You rock these December Dailies! And your experience in Mike's is precisely the reason I don't go: I can never buy JUST ONE THING!

    PS: Blogger has started FORCING us to type a number verification. PFFTH.


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