Wednesday, December 17, 2014

makin' a list (or several)

two things in life that should *ALWAYS* have pockets, in my opinion, are casual trousers and minibooks! because let's face it, we all carry around a bunch of stuff, and we need our hands free to fiddle with our phones! :) 

dd16: "makin' a list" pocket page
this is pretty straightforward: to make a nice deep pocket that would fit in my 5x7" book i took a 9x7" piece of double-sided patterned paper (this one happens to be from basic grey's aspen frost collection) scored it at the 4" mark, and machine stitched along the two sides. i went with old school BG alphas for the title (b/c they are STILL my all-time favorites!) and added on a poinsettia i had doodled and cut out for another project, but never used. then i stuffed the pocket full of my current lists of things to do and buy and send and finish:

most of these will get chucked out as i complete the tasks, but one that will remain after the xmas season is the "master" list of presents given; because i know from experience that next december jeff and i will want to buy exactly the same gift for one person, and make sure we don't replicate something else, and the only way we'll know for sure is if i've made a detailed list with brand- and store-names for specialty items and the amounts of giftcards and donations.

another awesome use i've found for last year's december daily book is to figure out the logistics of various decorations. the most recent example is the garland that goes on our staircase. i like to change the "toppings" on it each year, but being able to look at a photo and see exactly which bannister posts from which it needs to hang in order to look centered* definitely speeds up the process and lets us skip the super-fun part where we take turns holding up the laden boughs single-handed. definitely a "labor-saving" device! :)

*you would THINK to make garland look centered you'd hang it on the CENTER post, right? nuh-uh. because of the angle of our particular stairs, hanging it in the center makes it look wrong. turns out, to make it look centered we have to hang it one post closer to the bottom of the stairs. tricky, eh? 


  1. A pocket is a great idea. Years from now, it will be fun to look back at your list, besides being useful next year. I was just looking at a 1950s photo of some of my cousins because my grandmother's Xmas candle collection (that I have some of now) is in the background! So, see, these photos do come in handy some times.

  2. You get to use it now AND save it for later?! What a genius idea! Great design work, too! I love the vintagey feel of this page.

  3. Love your pocket page Lauren! Super smart!!! Fun title too!


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