Monday, June 23, 2014

now even ICAD-ier!

more index cards, woohoo!

018: vive la difference!
still playing with torn layers... sheet music, this time.

019: chandelier
spray ink + scraps of paper + a piece of (hard to photograph!) ink jet transparency.

020: flowery mandalas
blending prismacolor pencils with odorless mineral spirits.

021: punched layers
this one was totally UN-interesting, until i outlined all the punched edges with a sharpie. who knew?!

022: happiness always
this might be my favorite of the group. i printed my own waterlillies photo onto an inkjet transparency, layered it over japanese text paper, then put a fussy-cut magazine flower-- and the best fortune ever-- on top!

be sure to check out tammy's cards and the FAQ at daisy yellow, not to mention the flickr group of gorgeous index card creations... which is where i'm off too RIGHT NOW! :)


  1. Super!! Like them all! Fun to make such a variety, isn't it?

  2. LOVE the mandalas and the layered punch card is pretty neat too. :-)


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