Saturday, June 14, 2014

super-mega-ultra ICAD post!

in case you've been wondering, "hey lauren! do you have trouble making an index card a day for the ICAD challenge on the daisy yellow art blog?" the answer is, "NO! not at all!" but i confess i *do* find the photo-taking and uploading of the cards a tiny bit more challenging. in past years i've averaged 1-2 compilation posts per week, and this year seems to be headed the same way, despite my best efforts. oh well, we do what we can do, right? right. so here are a whole bunch of cards:

006: little clear pocket
 i scored a few sheets of clear plastic business card protectors at a thriftshop a few months ago, for about ten cents. i thought they'd be awesome to cut apart and use on cards and journal pages. yep. i rest my case! 

007: artistic
whenever i get my spray inks out, i make a HUUUUUUGE mess. fact. so instead of just making one thing at a time, i tend to play around for a bit and do some experimenting, so i'll wind up with extra backgrounds to use later. this is one of those. come to think of it, this is made entirely of leftovers... a tiny IG photo printed for something else entirely, a definition cut out but unused, a little hindi text butterfly etc. ...i think i like it even more now!

008: jack looked at kim
fastest ICAD ever: pre-glued magazine page, scrap of a doily (yes, i save those; don't judge me, k? b/c as you can see... i do USE them, lol!) awesome line of text from a cut-up book page. score!

009: photo transfer wish
last sunday linda brun and i took a fantastic class with the amazingly awesome nathalie kalbach at the ink pad. i'll talk more about it in a separate post, but for right now all you need to know is we learned the best way ever to do image transfers, and this is my favorite one i made that day.

010: a few words of caution
this fella was on an (early) birthday card i received from my friend janet, and i HAD TO save him. so i did! :)

011: school of (one) fish
you can tell when i'm busy and stressed during ICAD, because i stay completely and totally within my comfort zone. next week,  i promise, there will be lettering, and painty fun, and maybe even some hand-drawn mandalas.
this week there was a lot of collage!!!

012: neatly stacked stapled collage
on thursday tammy and i did a "stapled collage simulcast" on our blogs, and one of hers (the top one in this post) featured 12 neatly stacked layers... and totally blew my mind. here is my tribute, in ICAD form! :) :) :) 

013: bien sur
this little guy proves it's possible to make something cool when you are flat-out BEAT after a very long day. who knows, maybe being really tired is sometimes a good thing, if it means you work quickly and don't think too much? this is paper scraps framed by the outline of my nametag sticker from sunday's class, with a happy little cat from one of the freebie japanese newspapers at kinokuniya. absolutely nothing overtly "new york" about it, but it reminds me of a super-fab weekend!

happy saturday, darlings!


  1. So creative-- love them all! I've been doing the same thing on my blog, posting a week's worth of cards at once. I have been putting them on Flickr everyday however. A lot of cool cards there-- so inspiring!

  2. Lauren, So many cool and creative take on the various ICAD prompts. And I of course love how you have incorporated our fantastic weekend in some of them. And your image transfer was outstanding!
    Miss you missus <3

  3. These are divine. Love every single one you have created. What a talent you have.

  4. Ohmigawsh. Doily scraps. I use my doilies for painting stencils and now, I can re-use them after painting with them! What a grand idea!! I would never judge except for to say YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! :-)

    I can't believe I've been wondering if I want to continue this challenge. I read your post and say "naturally, I will! Look how great this is!" :-) THANK YOU!

    Found you on the link up - I'm #35~

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so cool! I really love all of them!


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