Wednesday, October 3, 2012

no more daily paper prompts?!

ok, so on the one hand, i'm very sad that the amazing creative experience of following tammy garcia's brilliant daily paper prompts on the daisy yellow art blog for the last two months is over. on the other hand, i am very proud indeed that i finished the entire thing (ok, granted, i'm a couple of days late) and now have a lovely DPP journal to go with my ICAD journal 
from earlier this summer. 
i have journaled every single day since june 1st!
go, me! 
(and YES, i'm planning to keep it up on my own!!!) 

here's the last group of DPP pages:

DPP#54 and #55: organize ephemera
this excellent idea gave us two days to spend organizing our collection of items saved for journaling. i already have a pretty good system established, but it was over-flowing a bit, and some folders needed to be cleaned out, some needed new hanging files, some got re-labeled, etc; you can see the results, below, of an evening spent in tidying up the drawer i use to store both ephemera (right hand side) and all of my scraps of cardstock and patterned paper (left side).

above, you can see my OTHER favorite way of "cleaning up" all the little bits and bobs that wind up on my worktable or on the little pile that accumulates on our coffee table (i work in the living room in the evenings) i like to just glue as many of them as possible into a quick little random collage; sometimes i like the finished piece, sometimes not (this one is about in the middle) but i absolutely ALWAYS like making one of these more than i would putting away this many teeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiiiiny scraps!!!

you should really click through the link above and see the amazing results of diane's own paper-folding experiements, because they are BEAUTIFUL! mine are much less impressive, but i had a lot of fun mangling lots of tiny paper scraps into a sort of rough flower shape. since i haven't quite mastered the art, mine really REALLY didn't want to lay flat... heck, some of them didn't even want to stay ON... so i sewing-machined them into submission. because when i PLAY with paper, i play to WIN, by golly!!! :)

 DPP#57: one word journal page
for this one tammy challenged us not just to build a page around a single word, but to try PAINTING that word on the page, rather than resorting to markers or stamps; i sort of compromised by painting the word, but then "neatening" the edges with a fat sharpie outline. (all on top of a random collage of vintage crafty bits, with a little stenciling on top!)

DPP#58: observations with leslie herger
i really realllllllly wish i'd watered down the gesso a bit before using it to create a journaling spot on top of my very grand magazine-page tiger. because i think it's just TOO opaque, and i wish more of the stripeyness showed through. ah well. other than that, i quite like this page which illustrates an observation gleaned from a recent thrifting trip.

DPP#59: altered maps
i love maps, as you know; especially vintage ones. and i've been punching circles out of anything that'll stay still all summer. what can i say? it seemed like a natural partnership for this page. the end.

DPP#61: decadent doodling
ok, yeah, technically, this is the LAST prompt, but the nice thing about being a couple of days behind is that i had the luxury of knowing what i wanted to do for my very LAST page, so i made (and am showing them) out of order. this page illustrates my single favorite discovery from the whole discovery-and-epiphany daisy yellow experience: I LIKE DRAWING!!! no, i'm not great at it, and i certainly cannot render anything very realistically or in 3d, but i LIKE it, i find it relaxing, and i have a semi-flair for patterns. go figure!

DPP#60: cut paper typography with katie licht
ok, yeah, so now you can see why i wanted to save this one for last, in order to proclaim my gratitude to tammy garcia for devising and hosting this whole entire astonishingly fun and inspiring lark!  and also to thank all of my fellow journalers and flickr friends for their lovely support, comments, etc; and of course to thank ♥YOU♥ for coming along for the last 122 days!

i am very much hoping that we'll be seeing the return of the index card a day project NEXT summer; and i hope i can convince a bunch of you to come along for that ride, as participants, because i can GUARANTEE you'll be glad you did it!!!


  1. oooooooo, lovely index cards! These are all so wonderfully personal faces are the "do something creative", "thanks very much", and your doodles! Girl, I had no idea you were so adept at doodle patterns. Love it!!!

  2. gorgeous projects as per usual!!! loving all of it!

  3. I just love all your cards ... and good for you carrying on with your index cards ... You may need a bigger house soon though ... Have a fun day! ♥♥♥♥

  4. Love these cards! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! These are amazing! You have done such a fantastic job with this challenge! So many wonderful cards to marvel over! BIG hats off to you my friend!!!!!

  6. I just absolutely love that tiger one. As I'm sure you know I would OMG.. I want it. I want it framed. So pretty!! :) I love all of them. I can't believe you did all of them. Wow


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