Sunday, October 14, 2012

did you know you can cut one element out of a piece of lace without the whole thing falling apart?

i was not AT ALL sure that would be true, actually, but i couldn't resist trying it with this piece of vintage lingerie lace. incidentally, if you're wondering how to *attach* something like that to a card, after a bit of trial and error, i found that gluestick is by far your best bet. of course, i also stitched around the edges... you know... just to be EXTRA safe! :)

 (all patterned paper, sentiment sticker flag and brad: crate paper; not-quite-matching foam alphabet stickers: from a "major manufacturer"; border punches: recollections, martha stewart, ek success, fiskars; ink: colorbox; other: vintage lace; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, scotch gluestick, sewing machine) 

i'm super excited that after several months of drooling over tara anderson's luscious color palettes and  "inspiration wires" on the crate paper blog, i'm finally getting to play along! for october the colors are dove grey, peacock blue, and gingerbread, and i don't think i quiiiiiiiiiiiiiite did them justice, but i do quite like my card; maybe i will have time for a second go before the challenge closes on 10-22? in the meantime, i highly recommend a jump over there for some SERIOUS eye candy!

something i am NOT super-excited about is that despite the fact that "Y" in happy came from the same packet of foam letters as the rest of the word, they apparently did NOT come from the same dye lot... it turns out that the front sheet of letters in the pack (a thru p) is a verrrrrry slightly different color than the back sheet (q thru z plus numbers); which i find a bit disappointing as these were not bargain or store brand letters, but full-on, full-price big-name-brand ones. ah well. worse things happen at sea, i suppose. actually, i'm guessing it's really quite difficult to make any but the most rudimentary cards whilst at sea, what with the damp salt air, the pitch of the waves, sea monsters, etc; so i think i will confine my crafting to dry land for now.

hope you are having an AWESOME (sea-monster-free!) weekend-- ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. You know, I LOVE your cards, but I think I might just a teensy bit love reading your descriptions even more! Personally I'd be too busy urfing over the side to make cards at sea ;)
    I LOVE the layers here, and that gorgeous lace detail, and my 2 cents of advice you didn't ask for? Email the company and tell them.

  2. lol ... still giggling at the sea commentary! But I love this! The colors are fabby! Beautiful as always!

  3. Wow! This is just beautiful! I really love the look of the lace here! Looks so pretty!

  4. Tee hee hee hee. Mayhaps we should book one of those scrapbooking cruise trips together and actually see how difficult it would be to make a card at sea. We could totally justify it by calling it "very important research." And just so you know, if we happen onto a sea monster I will scream like a little girl and start hurling my scrapping supplies at it, except for my scissors, which might be the only thing in my crafty arsenal that might do any damage, but since they are left-handed, they are very hard to come by and I couldn't bear to lose them.

    The card is lovely btw. And, I didn't notice the difference in the colours of the letters until you mentioned it, if that's any consolation.

  5. Did anyone ever tell you "you are too clever" ??? Which you are ... but I am so happee (coulda used double ee's) Because I learn so much from you ... This is fabulous as always ... and I thought the "Y" was supposed to be like that ... You know ... a statement ... Another Verrry clever lauren idea ... ♥♥♥


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