Monday, October 22, 2012

is there a 12-step program for instagram?

not that i'd go. because i'm having waaaay too much fun with this! on the obsession scale i'd say i'm somewhere between dustin hoffman in rainman and glenn close in fatal attraction. of course, i would not boil your bunny! i'd just take his photo and then apply a variety of artistic filters and actions to it before sharing it with the world. :) :) :)

here are some of my recent faves:

my friend trish and i went yarn shopping this weekend, though one of us probably spent as much time photographing yarn as buying it, much to the amusement of the lady at our favorite local shop, twist!

usually, on sundays, we do an extra-long exercise walk, lately we've been favoring washington's crossing state park, where again, one of us tends to stop to take pictures rather often.

on saturday night jeff and i got takeaway from the best church supper either of us have ever attended--and we've been to a few, i assure you!

this year i am obsessed with autumn foliage; i've photo-ed the trees in my backyard:

the ones in the parking lot at the gym:

the ones surrounding my favorite apple farm (manoff's, where friday is pie day, as LHJ will attest!):

and when the leaves fall off, i photo them on the ground:

of course, flowers are nice too; in a vase:

on a fence:

and even riding their bikes!

so do you instagram, too? if so, leave me a link to your feed, so i can come and visit! mine is viewable online to instagram members via gramfeed, or if using the regular app, my user name is llaurenb happy snapping, darlings!!! ♥♥♥


  1. Lovely photos ... I know nothing about instagram??? I did click your link but seems I have to sign in to see you pictures ...
    Guess I'll have to read up on things

  2. I have an android phone. So I have only been on instagram for a little while. But loving every minute of it.
    On instagram my name is mhplinda.
    I will look you up. Great photos by the way.


  3. So happy to see you there sweet girl... And I must say you have lots of great pictures there already , love you instagram style :-) hugs

  4. Oh lauren, your autumn photos take my breath away!

  5. I don't instagram, because I have i-nothing. I'll probably live.

    PS: What's a gym? *looks confused*

  6. I'm with ya on instagram now. Yeah! Though mine consists mainly of my new food obsession and my nails. lol. Oh yeah and pets. :)


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