Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wordless wednesday!*

one jammy so-and-so, half an hour after arrival in ca, on the municipal pier, oceanside

*if i had to add words, i'd probably say something like, "california ROCKS!!!" but i think you can kinda see that in the photo, so nevermind. :)


  1. Real sunlight after how long? Yep I bet you think Cali rocks. hehe :)

  2. We miss you here on the east coast! I had a dream last night that dhDH & I were in NJ and we went to a thrift shop, and I recognized you & lhj. How cool is that? Then I woke up...

  3. Enjoy the sunshine and get your Vitamin D!!

  4. OH yay, Sunshine, water front, great big smile on your face, happy happy happy girl!!!


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