Thursday, April 7, 2011

head's up!

here's a little something i've been working on here and there and i finished up while i was laying in bed earlier this week: a new blog header made with a soon-to-be-released digikit i LOVE!

the kit is called "writer's block" and it's the first by the uber-talented EMMA of just a girl with ideas! em is an amazing scrapper, blogger, designer, crafter and brand new mum (!!!) who is just starting to make her own vintage-inspired kits that she will be selling. my lovely friend linda saw this notice looking for people to "test drive" the kit and of course KNEW how much i would love it, i wrote in to volunteer and em was kind enough to send me a preview version to play around with, and it's a DREAM: the images are beautiful and sooooooo easy to use both technically and aesthetically.

i've been whipping up a few hybrid projects that i'll be showing off in a bit when the kit officially debuts, so stay tuned for those, i think they are kind of cool. in the meantime, i couldn't wait to give you a little "preview"...especially since it meant i could have a bit of a play at the same time.

a tiny little milestone note for me: this is the very first all-digi project in which i have used 100% photoshop for EVERYTHING... (instead of hopping between photoshop and my old standby broderbund printshop!) ...a feat which i attribute to this inspiring book that really helped me understand the tools--and the "layers" system--of photoshop a lot better, giving me waaaaaaay more confidence!!! ♥

ETA friday, 4-8: please note that i was test-driving a prototype version of the gorgeous "writer's block" kit; the actual kit may vary slightly when it goes on sale, i will keep you posted! xolb


  1. 'K am going straight to Amazon for that book now bc have had Photoshop for **blush** 2 years now and still am completely incompetent.

  2. Lauren, I LOVE your new header :-)

  3. WOW...excellent...I LOVE it!!!!!

  4. Thats awesome! I love her kit. Great new header!!

  5. Gorgeous new header, but I've loved ALL of your previous headers too! Do you take orders? Seriously…do you???

    So glad you are feeling better. I have been thinking about you all week and hoping the ice goes away quickly!

  6. i'm with june... have loved them all and do you take orders? :-) i'm serious like june :-)
    i guess you're feeling better so YAY

  7. LOVE that new header, Lauren! Sounds like you're feeling better... take care.

  8. i LOVE the new header :)
    might have to get that book as i just can't figure PSE out!!


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