Saturday, January 23, 2010

i'm getting REALLY spoiled!

people keep showing up with, or sending me, goodies! pretty soon i will be starting to pout when the mail arrives and there are only bills and magazines. :)

case in point: my mom, my aunt, and my friend cheryl all happened to be in some point in the last week. each of them stumbled upon scrappy stuff at remarkably LOW sale prices. all three said the same thing, "i know how much you loooooooooooooove sparkly jewels, so i couldn't resist!"

the pic doesn't even show ALL of them...there are probably this many again of xmas ones that i already put away. my mom also found the cosmo cricket stack. it was $4.00, and she immediately knew that i would like it b/c of the graph/ledger prints. not bad, eh?!

then *this* lovely bunch of fun was in my mailbox the other day, from leah!

do you see that gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous card?! i don't think i've ever seen BG's obscure line look as cool as that--not even in their ads! she found the AMAZING monsta stickers at borders. i've looked at EVERY paperchase monsta item at every borders i've ever been in, and i've NEVER seen those! i'm not usually a hoarder, but i have a feeling it will be QUITE SOME TIME before any of those make it out of the package! and then there are some fabby images from her collection of bampop stamps! strangely enough, i was in the middle of making a card with the parachuting robot patterned paper when this lot arrived. i will post that tomorrow. in the meantime, howsabout a big orange...

thank you
thank you


  1. sawheet! lucky you.
    If you are concerned about storage, feel free to send them to me. I have a few places to put those things!

  2. Leah's card is great. You are a lucky one alright. It's great to have bling flung at you from all directions. You are the Tom Jones of crafting. LOL.

  3. HAAAAA! Jana's comment made me totally lullz! i imagine women removing their bras and replacing them with pasties - the blingy kind! (tee hee)

    you are WELCOME, lovely! xo

    when you have a chance, come and visit my blog, girlfriend. i found something that might appeal to you! :)

  4. It is good to be spoiled!!!!!! And special....


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