Wednesday, January 6, 2010

52Q: 49 & 50

ok, so i didn't quiiiiiiiiiite finish 52Q in 2009. this card, for question #49, is the last one i totally completed, and that was on new year's eve. but i managed to very nearly keep up for the entire year, AND i did the last three over the weekend. so frankly, i consider this a big, BIG win!
(all digital materials: software & heart image: broderbund printshop; chapstick photo: from t'internet; font: cherie; printed for my ring of cards on kodak premium glossy photo paper)

again, i went entirely digital b/c i had quite a bit to say and my handwriting is not nearly ATC-friendly enough to squish it all in. i suppose the example i used for this one is sort of a silly little story, but it's something that happened over 6 months ago now, and i doubt there's been a week to go by during that entire time in which i haven't thought of it and smiled. because as far as i'm concerned, you can keep all the fancy cars and diamond necklaces and bouquets of roses...a guy who automatically packs an "emergency chapstick" for his wife, is a guy i wanna be married to. and luckily enough, i am! ♥♥♥

for question #50, emily falconbridge asked what we like most about where we live

(map downloaded from google; paperchase stickers; love elsie patterned paper; colorbox ink; manual typewriter; uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape)

i had to think about this one for a while...there are loads of reasons we like it here...but i kept coming back to the fact that many of them have to do with where we are in relation to something else: jobs, family, stores, culture, etc. so i went with location!

tomorrow i'll post the last two cards and my finished ring with ALL 52Q's on it!!!


  1. These are great. The chapstick story is a keeper. Awww how sweet. Love the location card cool look with the typewriter font. Love that!

  2. awwww....your dude is a keeper! such a sweet how you downloaded a map for are such a smart whipper snapper:) Make sure you pop over to my might be able to peek at a monsta:)

  3. Congrats on not being behind as much as you were LAST year! I, well, I never started.

    And I think you need to CLONE LHJ and send him to ME! xo

  4. When I didn't think my opinion of LHJ could be any higher, OMgoodness!

    Let him know I may be coming to Lambertville for some jump ring work ;)

    Your 52Q cards are perfect, as usual. You are such an inspiration!

  5. Oh LHJ! This story shall give me little smiles at random moments too. Any CasanovaIdiot can do the big romantic gestures but it takes a real man and gentleman to get that real love and romance are always about the little things.

    (let me state that by 'CasanovaIdiot' I am distinctly NOT including a certain portrayal in a mini-series similar title by by a certain tenth Doctor. Just so we can all agree)

  6. You star!

    The chapstick story made me pretty gooey lovely. it made me think how his brain must be wired up to do 1) anticipation of his wife's needs and 2) actually do something 'just in case' and 30 have done something which he might not actually get credit for (should you have mot needed chapstick!)

    Hey Lauren pop by my place (my blog!) and answer some questions for me if you have time...I'd love to hear your answers...what with you so clearly being wired up so creatively....

  7. Terrible typos from me there....dorry!!!!

  8. Lauren.. Your hubby is one in a milion..The other one in a million is in my livingroom creating my lightbox..for my cards... Love your Q52 cards..It must be a really good way of memories events and things. If my english where better there would have been an even deeper comments to your post, but I think you get the idea of what I mean... Hugs ~♥~

  9. Given my own lip balm addiction, I totally 'get' the chapstick story ... we've both got keepers.

  10. More excellent projects! I so loved reading your LJH chapstick story! I couldn't agree more...It's easy to make some grand gesture, but it's the little, thoughtful, day to day things that really mean a lot!

    (-: Heidi


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