Monday, January 11, 2010

heart the art: week two

alternate post title,

"i ♥LOVE♥ this one!" she said, modestly.

ok, but here's the thing: i am always thrilled when i am on someone's blog and they've made something extraordinary and they are, as my dear friend/look-alike kristin scott-thomas often says, "chuffed as ninepence", and they SAY SO! because i think we're all realllllly quick to point out our shortcomings and artsy disappointments, but not nearly as willing to be proud and excited and just a teeeeeny bit braggy when we've got it right.

saturday night i made a page for prompt two of gina's wonderful HEART the ART journaling project that she is hosting this year on her blog, tyggereye art, and while i didn't have a clear *picture* in my head, i did have a very strong vibe of what i wanted. which can be kinda tricky. but not this time. see??!

(patterned paper: basic grey, pink paislee, vintage sheet music, core'dinations whitewashed cardstock; kraft cardstock: hobby lobby; journaling labels: jenni bowlin; cardstock alphas: creative imaginations; tree branch & velvet brads: doodlebug; scalloppy tags: k&co; inks: color box; pen: sharpie; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, sewing machine)

the prompt, as you may have surmised, was "SOMEDAY..." which i think is rather awesome because there are just SO MANY ways you can go, both in terms of subject and visually. but again, i didn't really have to think very hard about what i wanted to say, i used the first thing that popped into my mind, a subject increasingly close to my heart.

text reads, "SOMEDAY...we will be home-owners! maybe 2010 will be our year? (we are SO READY!!!)"

the weird thing is that almost everything on here was a leftover or a pre-cut: the clouds were from the core'dinations blog hop, the deer was an extra from my last blog header, the little journaling labels and the tags which compose the treetop were in a little baggie that i cleaned out of my traveling supplies box, the brads are doodlebug xmas ones...and so forth. i just kept grabbing up stuff and moving it around...and then i made like 14 trips to the sewing machine to attach each layer voila!

can't wait for next saturday, now!


  1. What an awesome journal!!! Very cool and artsy!

  2. Okay, this is magnificent girlie!! It is sooo you, kwim? Happy Monday!

  3. Yay for using those scraps to make such an awesome collage!! And YAY for sewing! And here's hoping your dream comes true this year :)

  4. So amazingly cool!!! How all this stuff was precut blows my mind. I'm so totally curious to how many little bits of paper are floating around your house and where you keep them all!! I mean do you have little small cut outs that are too cute for words just sitting a big drawer waiting to be turned into fabulousness like this????

    I do love this page. Everything is so neat. The sewing! All of it. And of course the cute deer. :)

    Can't wait to see what you do next week!!

  5. How cool is this?! Love all the little bits and pieces.

  6. how cute and fun and cool is this?! lovin' the stitched cloud and that adorable deer and well EVERYTHING!

  7. A totally Lauren piece there...You are so good at assembling lots of different things and make it to true art ~♥~ I've put a link to youtube on my blog in my last post.. It's not excactly me rocking...but....
    Lots and lots of hugs....

  8. WOW, you are two for two so far! Yay, you! :-)

    I love when I can use bits of things and make a new creation. This is GOR-JUS, as always!

    (Now I am two weeks behind on my journal ...)

  9. Ooh, ♥♥♥LOVE!! All those layers and stitching and the fabulous mix of color!! Amazing! You have every right to be..."chuffed"!

    (-: Heidi

  10. Stunning... beautiful... *gasp*. I love it, Lauren! It's just wonderful!

  11. Love this .. this is one of my somedays too :) but i journalled about something else! :)

  12. This is 100% Lauren-y! Your sewing on the clouds looks amazing. Maybe 2010 is your year for home ownership. It is a good time to buy. Great job with the prompt. I'm still thinking about mine...

  13. Love this. Sending house owning thoughts and wishes to you. You are soooooo on top of Heart the ART. Week 2 was just posted and here you are done. I can't wait to see what you do for next week too...

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