Saturday, January 2, 2010

52Q: 47 (childhood memories) and 48 (over & over)

i'm doubling up in order to get the last few 52Q's posted.

question 47: when you think back to your childhood, what moment first comes to mind?

(materials: photo printed on kodak premium glossy picture paper; basic grey patterened paper; ki rub-on letters; heidi swapp ghost clock; mme butterfly transparency; ki bling heart; colorbox ink; manual typewriter; copic outliner)

ok, so i cheated slightly on this one. we were supposed to use the first childhood memory which came to mind, but honestly, right off the bat i thought of a whole bunch of different ones, and while i was trying to narrow down i decided that i really liked the idea of having a sort of stream-of-consciousness type list instead. so that's what i went with. plus, then i got to use this cute photo of myself dressed as a bunny on halloween, 1964...of which i don't actually have any memory...what with being four months old. :)

text reads, "birthday parties...the night before christmas...trick or treating...piano lessons...swimming lessons...wildwood vacations...shortcuts...visiting nany in northport & at the farm...staying with mom mom & pop pop...endless bike riding...sleepovers...going to the library...making barbie clothes...hours & hours of coloring...babysitting and being babysat...a million neighborhood games of tag & red rover & hide-and-go-seek...chicken pox...braces...picking apples..."

question 48: what have you done over and over this week?

(materials: vintage sheet music; fabric poinsettia used as a mask; glimmer mist & smoosh spray inks; colorbox chalk ink; prima poinsettias & leaf; queen&co brad; jenni bowlin & american crafts)

when this question was posed, a couple of weeks ago, i was deeply immersed in holiday preparations, and thus my answer reads, "this week (& last week & next week) i have made xmas cards over and over... (& over) ...and sewed on them...and sprayedor dabbed ink on them...and wished that had done all of this MUCH EARLIER!"


at the same time i'm finishing up my 2009 weekly journaling project, i am also VERY excited to be starting a cool 2010 weekly journaling project:

this morning the first prompt of
went live over at my lovely friend gina's blog, tyggereye art!

i'm looking forward to a fun & fabulous new art journal challenge every single saturday this year...
...won't you join us??!


  1. ooh the over and over one is so gorgeous!! I love that one completely. Cute little Lauren pic..awwww

    Not many left right? Yeah!

  2. Lovely journaling project Lauren.
    There is something for you in my blog.

  3. I have a similar pic of me, but in 1966, and no memory of it either being 5 or 6 months old at the time...

    Your ATCs are always so delightful and little pieces of your personality in both the words and the art :)


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